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19 ways to use your reacher/grabber out and about

1 Pick up the dogs ball

2 Take my folding one with me when I go shopping, I don’t need to ask for help

3 Collect fallen fruit in the garden

4 Hanging up the bird feeder

5 Reach my keys that slid down the side of the car seat

6 Hold my boots in place to put on so I don’t need to bend down

7 Hung up my garden lights for a party

8 Got the Frisbee out the tree when the grandchildren came to play

9 Pick up the post

10 Bring in the milk

11 Pull the washing off the line

12 Now I can reach the ticket machine at the barrier without having to get out the car

13 Reach into the boot of the car

14 Snake catcher

15 Hold cloth to wipe top of the windows

16 Pull down the awning

17 Easy to reach the ornament that fell into the pond

18 Hang up the netting over the fruit bushes

19 Keep my independence in daily routines when I go to stay with my friends/family & on holiday

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