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Arthritis pain and stiffness can make normal activities like putting on shoes and socks very difficult or even impossible. Joints are often stiff and achy first thing in the morning. This can make getting dressed time consuming and tiring. Here are some practical helpers to help you maintain your independence getting dressed at the start of the day.

Sock and Stocking Aids are a great help for anyone with back, hip or knee problems. Struggling to bend at the waist? These easy-to-use dressing aids work with all types of everyday socks and stockings. If you wear compression or TED support stockings, the Ezy On Small and Tall Pressure Stocking Applicators make it easier to get the surgical stockings onto your foot, but also reduces the stress in your hands and wrists caused by pulling the stocking open.

Do you need help lifting and moving stiff or heavy legs without pulling on your clothing or bending over? Leg Lifters can be used from a seated or lying position, taking the strain and making it easier to elevate your leg without having to ask for help.

Shoe Horns and Shoe Helper are our simplest dressing aids. No more struggling to get your shoes on – easily slip your foot into your shoe without trapping fingers. These extra long dressing aids will reduce the need to bend and the unique jaw of the shoe helper is perfectly designed to keep a firm grip of your slippers, shoes or boots.


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