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Bathing, showering and toileting – things that we used to do naturally and now can’t can really knock our confidence. Our bathing and toileting range are practical solutions to make those everyday frustrations that little bit easier.

Choosing a Bath and Shower Board will give you the confidence to sit over the bath to wash, while Bath Seats allow you to enjoy the pleasure of bath time without the worry of slipping of how to get out of the bath.

For extra assistance around the bathroom, Grab Rails provide a steadying support when sitting or standing from the toilet, or getting in and out of the bath.

Wall Mounted Shower Seats ensure peace of mind and confidence to be able to shower sitting down. Sit down, relax, and enjoy having a shower. The compact design fits any shower enclosure, and easily fold away so others can use the shower.

Toilet Aids, such as our Raised Toilet Seat and Toilet Frames take the pressure off the knees, hips and lower back when bending to sit down and get up from the toilet.

We have a great selection of Long Handled Sponges to keep you top to toe sparkling fresh. Not everyone can reach their toes – recovering from surgery, sports injury, reduced mobility and pregnancy are common reasons why these are so popular. Our Long Handled Brushes can have their handles ‘set’ in a bend/curve to help you reach that awkward spot more easily.


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