Caitlyn's Cricket

Caitlyn is 9 years old and has athetoid CP. Cognitively, she is a bright, alert, articulate and bubbly girl. With high levels of involuntary movement, of paramount importance is stabilising the pelvis, at which point the aethtoid movements then stop.

Caitlyn can weight bear using a standing frame. Working with the family for several years, Louise had a growing concern of the daily transfers, knowing that Caitlyn will also continue to grow. Working together, Caitlyn has set her next milestone to be able to walk, assisted in a walker and absolutely not hoisted, of that she is very clear.

?Several visits, some trial and error and blue-sky thinking to craft a bespoke – one of kind – winning solution for a very special girl but it has worked??

 The Helping Hand Company
  • a unique pelvic cradle adaptation that enables Caitlyn to sit in and relax, without Mum holding her
  • extended knee support to provide extra stability to stand
  • elevated footplate to ensure feet supported and sense of security, seated or standing

Mum and Caitlyn can transfer safely, securely in less than 20 seconds! And, it will be a great therapeutic tool to help Caitlyn reach her goal – it works so well?

The Cricket is widely used to assist maintaining natural sit to stand action encouraging active participation as part of rehab. Also prescribed to support hospital discharge into a wide range of community homecare settings, minimising manual handling for carers.

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