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How can a reacher/grabber help you out & about?

When we’re affected by reduced mobility, and routine daily tasks can become too difficult and more time-consuming to complete, we could all do with a helping hand.

It may be something as simple as struggling to put on your socks, coat or shoes, or reaching for a jar from the cupboard, but the frustrations these basic challenges create can waste time and energy which would be much better spent enjoying your life.

As a family-run business, we have always taken great pride in helping people who might be struggling to manage everyday tasks to regain their independence, dignity and free up time to spend on more rewarding activities.

The original reachers were crafted in wood and today, with over 13 million customers worldwide, they continue to deliver a lifetime of reliability and quality.

Around the home 5 most common ways to use a reacher

1 – A key part of your independent living kit recovering from a hip or knee operation

2 – Avoiding bending, twisting and straining when getting dressed

3 – Reaching an object that’s fallen behind the washing machine, cupboard or sofa

4 – Perfect TV remote grabber, pick up the paper and post in the morning

5 – An essential kitchen aid when gripping jars and tins from the cupboard shelf

Maintain your independence out and about

Off on your travels to visit friends and family? Going to the shops to do your grocery shopping? Here are the results from our 2019 survey of the top 19 ways you ensure your time out & about is enjoyable, stress free and without having to ask someone else for help:

1 ‘Pick up the dogs ball, we play for hours’ John, Suffolk

2 ‘I take my folding one with me every time I go shopping, I don’t need to ask the store assistants for help’ Margaret, Hereford

3 ‘It was a godsend last autumn to collect fallen fruit in the garden without bending down’ Sheila, Worcester

4 ‘I like to see the birds in my back garden so I use mine to hang up the bird feeder’ Peter, Swindon

5 ‘I’m forever dropping my keys down the side of the car seat and the door but just can’t get my fingers in the gap to pick them up’ Scott, Devon

6 ‘Going out for my daily walk, I can hold my boots upright so I don’t need to bend down’ Phil, Norfolk

7 ‘Perfect to hang up the garden lights for our summer party’ Julie, Surrey

8 ‘It was perfect to get the frisbee out of the tree when the grandchildren came to visit’ Chris, Malvern

9 ‘Pick up my post every morning along with the newspaper’ Richard, Oxford

10 ‘Ever since my stroke, I find it hard carrying and lifting with one hand – I even use my grabber to pick up the milk bottle off the doorstep’ Gill, Somerset

11 ‘I want to manage by myself which can be difficult in my wheelchair but I can pull the washing off the line with my reacher’ Anne, Nottingham

12 ‘The ticket machine at my local shopping centre is such a nuisance to reach – bought a folding grabber which I keep in the car and now I don’t have to get out the car John, Aberdeen

13 ‘I struggle with back ache on a daily basis. Even reaching into the boot of the car to get my shopping bags is easier’ Sheila, Coventry

14 Snake catcher – I’m not joking! Peter, Pembrokeshire

15 ‘I live on my own and have had a fall so don’t like to use steps. I can hold a cloth to wipe the top of the windows and the oven hood’ Jane, Sussex

16 ‘Pull down the awning in the back garden’ Alison, Aberdeen

17 ‘The neighbours cat keeps coming to see if any fish in my pond but he knocked over one of the ornaments the other day. It splashed right into the water. I have an extra long Helping Hand for outside’ Tom, Lancashire

18 ‘Hang up the netting over the fruit bushes’ Helen, Perth

19 ‘Take my folding one with me when I go to stay with my daughter so I don’t have to ask her to help me. The grandchildren think it is great fun’ Mary, Devon


Do you have a top tip that could help someone else – give us a call on 01531 635678 or email [email protected]

Driven by a passion to make a positive difference in people’s lives, we take pride in helping you maintain your independence wherever you are

Top 23 ways to use your reacher/grabber around the home

1 Grab where I can’t reach from my wheelchair

2 The magnet is ideal to pick up my hearing aid battery

3 Stick clip is brilliant, I can clip my hand torch to it to shine a light on what I want to pick up

4 Easy to reach the remote control when I am sitting down

5 The soft jaw on the Handigrip means I can even pick up coins off the floor

6 Much easier for me now to open and close my curtains

7 Open kitchen cupboard to get food

8 Reach into the medicine cupboard to get my pills

9 I’d just sat down but left my reading glassed on the coffee table, managed with my reacher!

10 Use it every day to pick up and put down my cats food bowl

11 Managed to catch a spider

12 Picking up the grandchildren’s toys

13 Pulling up my socks that keep sliding down

14 Grab my trousers off the chair to get dressed

15 Pick up my other reacher

16 Reach behind the sofa to get loose change

17 Hold cloth to wipe the top of the cooker hood

18 Pick up my drink whilst feeding the baby

19 Open and close the window

20 Reach my coat & dog lead off the hook

21 Load/empty the washing machine

22 Hold sponge to clean top of windows

23 Pick up post off the mat