Pressure Cushions

Forward Thinking Pressure Care…

Helping Hand Pressure Care is a division of The Helping Hand Company that specialises in pressure reduction (commonly known as pressure sores, bed sores, pressure ulcers and pressure injuries). Our high performing easy to follow colour coded products can be used effectively as wheelchair cushions, day chair cushions and riser recliner cushions.

Our SWITCH range is the original colour coded any way up, any way round cushions. Choose from the Lowzone Eco, Lowzone Switch or Lowzone GEL Switch. These high performance memory foam cushions distribute weight evenly over the seated area, preventing and reducing any pressure related pain.

Alternatively, we also have the Equazone. This very high risk self inflating air cushion gives total coccyx relief and comfort over four stable quadrants of air.

Lowzone GEL Switch benefits from foam and gel working in sync to reduce pressure. The slow moving gel consistency prevents migration.

Lowzone Switch is the original any way up cushion. Offering all day support with our proven temperature sensitive memory foam.

Lowzone Eco is our entry level pressure reducing memory foam cushion which distributes weight evenly across the seated area.

Equazone is our self inflating air cushion than can reduce pressure for all risk categories. Easy to use, taking away pressure from painful areas.