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Stick Clips for Classic Pro Reacher/Shoe Helper


This Stick Clip can be used to attach your Classic Reacher or Shoe Helper to walking sticks, wheelchairs, walking frames, crutches, table legs and many other applications.

  • 2 stick clips included.
  • Handy device to attach your Reacher onto your wheelchair, walking frame or walking stick.
  • Great to use for attaching your Reacher to your shopping trolley while shopping.
  • Keeps your Reacher close to hand always.
  • Easy to use – we even have a video to show you how. Please see below.

“I struggle to bend down. I use the stick clip to attach my mini torch to the bottom of my Reacher to help me find my hearing aid battery when I drop it on the floor. The magnet on the Reacher then picks it up. It’s fantastic!” – Mrs Green

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