[builder_content post_id=”138″]Keep in touch Exclusive 10% off your first order Delivery Free delivery on orders over £30 VAT Exemption Click to find out more Advice Helping you help yourself Request Brochure We’ll pop one in the post for you View our Product Range Prescribe by Occupational Therapists worldwire, Our Reachers help to make day-to-day living that little bit easier. Whether helping to get dressed, picking up the newspaper, reaching into the cupboard or help with the grocery shopping, help is at hand whenever you need it.

Regardless of how young or old, limited range movement, poor balance, standing or sitting, the Dressing Range is quite simply, to make it easier and quicker to get up and go every morning. Giving you and your carers support to maintain your independence, dignity and comfort of living.

The easy to fit Bathing Range ensure comfort and confidence to enjoy a good wash. Get down into the bath or sitting over to shower a time to relax and wash away the stresses of the day.

We visit the bathroom to use the toilet on average 7 times a day. With over 80% of all falls in the home happening in the bathroom, bathroom safety is important in maintaining your independence. Our Personal Care range helps you stay safe in the Bathroom.

We all have times when getting around can be harder whether as a result of a fall, poor balance or managing long term health conditions. The Moving & Handling range will be able to help maintain mobility and function.

With over 30 years of experience crafting chairs, we truly understand the importance of a chair that will support you to sit back and relax with confidence, but also allows you to get up and go to maintain your independence. The Seating Range is a bespoke service, every chair will be tailor made to fit you.