[builder_content post_id=”215″]Keep in touch Exclusive 10% off your first order Delivery Free delivery on orders over £30 VAT Exemption Click to find out more Advice Helping you help yourself Request Brochure We’ll pop one in the post for you Enjoy having a wash The biggest challenges to everyday living can often be the simplest tasks. Getting in and out of the bath can be a balancing act for anyone.

The bathroom can also be the biggest risk area for slips and trips. Our easy to fit range of bath aids give you confidence and peace of mind to get washed safely.

Let us help you turn disability into ability. Getting down into the bath, sitting above to shower – or just a time to relax and wash away the stresses of the day.

To see how easy these are to fit or to find out more, select the video 

Bath / Shower Board Range The Surefoot bath/shower board 3 step clunk-click-fix system ensures secure fitting every time you use.


1. Place the board on top of the bath

2.Push out the suction feet underneath until they touch the side of the bath. Lock in place by pulling the foot lever down.

3. Double lock using the levers on the top of the board – and that’s you set.

Baths are all different shapes and sizes – the feet fit independent of each other and allow you to fit right up into the curve of the bath. Want to stretch your legs out? Would you like to sit down into the bath? Yes you can – and without getting too close to the hot tap.  

An extra helping hand – there is an integral grab handle. Getting in and out, to maintain your balance.

Baths come in lots of different shapes and sizes. The Kingfisher bathboard has 4 independently adjustable feet – a disabled bathroom accessory for independent living.

Neither of these bath aids will fit corner baths.  ? The Bath Seat Struggle to get into the bath – getting out of the bath can be an even bigger problem. The Bath seat is a good half way house – used on its own or with your bath/shower board.

If you have had hip replacement or knee surgery, your therapist will likely recommend you slowly increase your range of movement. The height adjusters will help you to hit your rehab goals, gently increasing stretch and movement – whilst enjoying having a wash. Enabling you today and tomorrow – this bath aid has a height range of 6”/15cm – 12”/30cm


1.Make sure the bottom of the bath is free of lotions and potions.

2.Place the seat into the bath where you want to sit. Its compact size sits snuggly into the back of the bath, giving you room to stretch out your legs.

3.Push down on the suction feet to secure, that’s it!

When you’ve finished, it is easy to remove, wipe down and store away til the next time.

To see how easy this is to fit or find out more, select the video below: ?

Product Size Usage Buy Now
Surefoot Bath / Shower Board Adjust to fit: 26” – 28” (65cm  – 70cm) Bath aid for bathing/showering
Kingfisher Bathboard Adjust to fit: 26” – 28” (65cm  – 70cm) Bath aid for bathing/showering
Bath Seat Adjust to fit: 26” – 28” (65cm  – 70cm) Bath aid for bathing/showering

Bathing Beauties And to make bathtime bliss, a whole collection to pamper your back, legs and feet. Gently massage the skin whilst you wash, stimulating good circulation and relaxing your body.

Do you struggle to bend or have limited mobility? Long handles make it extremely easy to clean hard to reach areas.

A pumice is perfect for smoothing rough areas of skin such as feet and elbows – choose the Foot scrub brush.

Manage daily living more easily. This range of bathing aids will guarantee you’ll be top to toe sparkling clean.

To choose which one you want, view the videos below.  

Product Size Usage Buy Now
Everyday Sponge 21″/53cm Reach from head to toe and all around your body
Comfi-Grip Deluxe sponge 26″/65cm Ensures a secure grip even when your hands are wet
Comfi-Grip Exfoliating sponge 26″/65cm Enjoy massaging your skin too
Comfi-Grip Foot Sponge 26″/65cm Neatly fits between the toes – can use for drying too – keeping your feet healthy
Foot scrub brush with pumice 21″/52cm A pumice is perfect for smoothing rough areas of skin such as feet and elbows

An instant lift Difficulty getting on and off the toilet? A toilet raiser can make a big difference to maintaining your independence and dignity in the bathroom.

Fit to your existing toilet seat or direct onto the ceramic, you can choose the height you want.

Recovering from hip surgery? Increasing the height of the seat, will reduce flexion of your hips and reduce strain when standing back up.

Travelling away from home? Compact size to pack into your bag. Will fit over 93% of conventional shaped toilets (will not fit square toilet seats)

How to Fit

  1. It is always important to check the existing toilet seat hinges are secure before fitting the seat.
  2. Slide on from the front , do not place over the top
  3. Tighten onto the toilet using the single adjuster wheel at the side

For added support, you may want to consider fitting a grab rail.

To see how easy this is to fit or find out more, view the video below:

Product Height Usage Buy Now
Unifix Standard 3-4″ combined (7.5-10cm) For a 4” (10cm) raise – fit to the toilet seat

For a 3” (71/2cm) raise – fit to the ceramic

Unifix Wide 3″-4″ combined (7.5-10cm) For wider / European style toilets.
Same adjustable height fitting.

This range of disability aids with take care of your everyday needs, reduce the risk of falls, and help you remain as independent as possible – browse our online shop [/builder_content]