• Dressing Made Easy

Getting dressed can sometimes be a challenge

We all have times where we could do with a little help with every day tasks. Regardless of how young or old, limited range movement, poor balance, standing or sitting, the dressing range is quite simply, to make it easier and quicker to get up and go every morning. Giving you and your carers support to maintain independence, dignity and comfort of living.

Shoe Horn
Dressing aids

Hoisery helpers

Make light work putting on socks, stocking and even compression wear yourself, without having to ask for help. Our super stretchy Soxon is luxuriously soft, gently gliding round your foot. Hypo allergenic fabric wicks away excess moisture. Pop in the wash to freshen up as you need.

The Foxy and Ezy-up have a wipe clean finish if you prefer. Whichever you choice, they all come complete with extra long loop tapes so there is no need to struggle bending, stretching or twisting.

Compression support

Regular use of compression stockings can help increase blood circulation; reduce swelling, muscle fatigue and soreness in legs and boost energy levels. There is no better feeling than independence.

If you need help with compression hose – the Ezy-on is just the ticket. Available in 2 heights, the Ezy-on small works well to step into when standing up or support of a loved one to help put on compression stockings. Sitting, standing or lying, simply reverse load onto the frame to keep stocking wide open, step in and gently roll up the leg.


Product Size Usage Buy Now
Foxy 6.5″/17cm Simple dressing aid

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Ezy-Up 9.5″/24cm Gutter style sock aid with chunky foam handles

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Soxon 12″/30cm Luxuriously soft sock aid

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Ezy-On Small 8.5”/21cm Ideal carers aid

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Ezy-On Tall 21.5″/54cm Sitting, standing or lying

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Shoe Helper


Shoe horns

The Shoe Helpers

Our longer shoe horns work well if you have back problems or are not as flexible as you used to be. With a choice of lengths, you can use them sitting or standing. We recommend that with a long shoe horn, it is easier standing.

Take the strain from bending and reaching for your footwear with the Shoe Helpers integral claw grip. No more hurting your heels or damaging the backs of your shoes – wherever you are, whatever footwear.


Product Length Usage Buy Now
Shoe Helper Standard 26”/65cm Safely reach sitting or standing

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Shoe Helper Long 32”/82cm For the taller client, to avoid unnecessary bending

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Shoe Horn Long – Plastic 21”/52cm

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Shoe Horn Long – Metal 23”/58.5cm

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The Leg Up

A long day on your feet? Elevating your legs feels good almost immediately – taking the pressure off leg veins and encouraging blood flow. The Leg-up is designed to help lift your leg in and out of bed, support getting into wheelchair, the car or even the bath. Recovering from hip surgery or use with your rehab exercises. The extra wide foot loop will accommodate the widest foot and even a cast.


Leg Up


Leg Up


Product Length Usage
Leg Up 26”/65cm Safely use sitting or lying