[builder_content post_id=”219″]Keep in touch Exclusive 10% off your first order Delivery Free delivery on orders over £30 VAT Exemption Click to find out more Advice Helping you help yourself Request Brochure We’ll pop one in the post for you Maintain mobility and function Are you a carer or OT – do you look after someone who needs help getting around their home? Recovering from a stroke, looking to maintain standing function or reduced mobility – we can help you.

Moving from bed to chair to toilet – move with dignity in this seated transfer aid room to room. Moving room to room, at home, school or day care.

We all have big homes with lots of space – right? Rehab equipment is not always designed for homecare. Compact and portable design – the Cricket is no bigger than a wheelchair. Maintain sit to stand function You do not need to learn anything new – the Cricket mimics how we first learnt to stand.  Pull or push up to get on and off bed, chair or toilet. With the frame around you, we can help you keep your balance.

Do you get tired quickly? It can be hard work getting up but the good news is you really don’t need to stand for long. You do not need to achieve a full stand, just ensure enough clearance to secure the seat on to the other side. Weight bearing through your legs in a semi or full stand for less than a minute, whilst a carer secures the seat underneath.

Every therapist wants you to do you exercises every day to build your strength. We know, that isn’t always easy. So, the cricket is a great rehab tool too. When used daily as an exerciser frame, the Cricket will help with circulation, breathing, digestion and muscle tone. Helping you to do what you want to do for yourself – without having to ask. Read Caitlyn’s story here

  Moving with dignity and still caring From as young as 8 and 4’6” to 102 and 6’4”  the Cricket reduces manual handling in a wide range of care situations. Moving around the home easier, quicker and where possible, with only one carer. Click here to read case studies of how you can reduce care package costs whilst supporting independence.

Already using other disability aids? We have a range of options to assist with equipment compatibility and other furniture.

For a quick snap shot on how to use the Cricket – click here

Are you a Healthcare professional wanting more detailed information on how to assess, prescribe and use the Cricket – click here – the video lasts for 6 minutes The Cricket – The Facts

  • Home, school or day care – empowering and promoting continued mobility and function wherever you are
  • Room to room seated transfer – easy to manoeuvre around , across thresholds, carpets, rugs.. clever middle wheel means it really will turn in its own space.
  • Moving with dignity and care – will fit snuggly around most toilets too
  • Manage daily living more easily – with the help of only one carer
  • Designed to fit you: 4’6” – 6’4”, up to 22 stone

For more Cricket videos please click here

Technical specification

ProductCricket II
Seat height min450mm
Seat height max550mm
Seat width500mm
Seat depth300mm
Total unit weight25kg
Width between castors:
Minimum clearance required90mm
Maximum weight capacity140kg/22st

Do you already have a Cricket? For more technical information including training resources, videos, spares, click here Testimonials Laurence – Bristol “Although the Cricket frame is a transfer aid, it was prescribed to me by my neurology specialist as a frame to stand within to build up my strength.? My recovery has baffled quite a few!? I was very lucky to be lent a Cricket, it has aided my recovery terrifically” Alison, Community Therapist Cumbria “At weekends we run on skeleton staff and to train our patients on ‘sit to stand’, in the past we have used zimmer frame, secured with carers foot to keep it from moving, and worked hands on with the patient.? The Cricket eliminates all this and allows for a much safer exercise.” Judith Craig CHP Offices Stobhill Hospital “We like the independence it can still promote in clients through their need to actively participate in sit to stand”[/builder_content]