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Maintain mobility and function

We all have times when getting around can be harder whether as a result of a fall, poor balance or managing long term health conditions.

The Cricket helps keep sit stand function and weight bearing through your legs to keep you moving, active and engaged around your home or if caring for someone, life much easier. Enabling you to feel more in control of everyday tasks, safely, with dignity, and making it easier to stay at home, with only one carer.
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 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company
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Active transfer: sit to stand

Using the same movement as you would to stand up naturally, pull or push up to transfer on to the Cricket. The frame around you will help keep your balance as you get up from the edge of the bed, chair or toilet, and when preparing to sit down. You really don’t need to stand for long, less than a minute – whilst a carer quickly secures the seat underneath.

When used daily as an exerciser frame, the Cricket will help with circulation, breathing, digestion and muscle tone.

Room to room, seated transfer

It’s very easy to move a family member/resident around the home, whilst ensuring their well-being in a comfortable seated position.

Moving room to room, at home, school or day care. The two styles of castors make light work to manoeuvre around or push from in-front. Large front wheels are ideal for thresholds between rooms and the narrow wheels make light work of carpets/rugs. A clever middle wheel means it really will turn in its own space and it fits snuggly around most toilets too.

The Cricket accommodates a height range of 4’6″ to 6’4″, a weight of up to 140kg/23 stone, and all ages with a range of options to assist compatibility with other assistive aids and home furniture. The Cricket minimises manual handling by carers in a wide range of care situations, making frequent working routines easier and actively promotes mobility and dignity. Read our story on how you can reduce care package costs.

 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company

Cricket features

  • Quick and easy seated transfer – supporting comfort and well-being for you and your carer
  • Adaptable and adjustable – enable you to push up or pull up, and avoid carer stooping down
  • Home, school or day care – empowering and promoting continued function wherever you are
  • ‘Home friendly’– turns in its own space for even the smallest of rooms
  • Safety assured – integral back rest, ergonomically designed for comfort
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Technical specification

Cricket II
Seat height min
Seat height max
Seat width
Seat depth
Total unit weight
Width between castors:
Minimum clearance required
Maximum weight capacity

For wider toilets/integral bidet systems, the original Cricket is still available, contact the sales team on 01531 635678 for further details

 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company
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