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[builder_content post_id=”2935″]Keep in touch Exclusive 10% off your first order Delivery Free delivery on orders over £30 VAT Exemption Click to find out more Advice Helping you help yourself Request Brochure We’ll pop one in the post for you We visit the bathroom to use the toilet on average 7 times a day Sitting down and standing up however, can cause dizziness or unsteady balance. This may be as a result of change in blood pressure or restricted mobility.

With over 80% of all falls in the home happening in the bathroom, bathroom safety is important in maintaining your independence.

The good news – it is easy to adapt your toilet. Having the right support to give you back a sense of independence, dignity and confidence to manage by yourself.

Our range includes:

  • Toilet raiser
  • Toilet frame
  • Raised toilet seat with frame
  • Support rails

Simple adaptations to help with balance, comfort, extra stability for you or a family member. using your toilet.

To help choose which is right for you – please click here for our 

Scroll down for more details on each product An instant lift – Toilet raiser Is getting on and off the toilet getting more difficult? A simple toilet raiser can make the difference to keeping you safe and maintaining your independence in the bathroom.

Fit to your existing toilet seat or direct onto the ceramic, you can choose the height you want. Not sure what height you need,

Recovering from hip surgery? Increasing the height of the seat, will reduce flexion of your hips and reduce strain when standing back up.

Travelling away from home? Compact size to pack into your bag. Will fit over 93% of conventional shaped toilets (will not fit square toilet seats)

Product Height Usage Buy Now
Unifix Standard 3-4″ combined (7.5-10cm) For a 4” (10cm) raise – fit to the toilet seat

For a 3” (71/2cm) raise – fit to the ceramic

Unifix Wide 3″-4″ combined (7.5-10cm) For wider / European style toilets.
Same adjustable height fitting.

NEW Toilet Frame Placing a frame around your toilet will give you a little more support:

  • use the armrests when sitting on or getting up from the toilet
  • height and width adjustable to suit the different rooms around the home
  • allow you to gently lower yourself, not ‘dropping’ with arms to hold on to

With 2 options to choose from, to suit everyone who needs to use the bathroom. They are also easy to move out the way when not needed.

Quick checklist

  • what is the correct you need
  • is there sufficient space (a grab rail may be a better alternative)
  • do other people use the bathroom too

Buy Now NEW Grab Rails A simple home adaptation fitting a grab rail, can make a big difference:

-To push or pull up with when standing up

-To give a steadying support when going to sit down

-An extra grip to hold on to when transferring from one position to another

-For balance when walking around the home, up/down stairs, over the doorstep

-For extra support when carrying items

With two options available choose what you need and where. Pementantly fitting onto the wall with all fixing supplied, fit it where you need, kitchen, stairs or bathroom…

-Brushed stainless steel or Multi-function.

As long as you want and at what angle you need

Product Size Maximum Load Product Code Instructions Buy Now
Stainless Steel 350mm 150kg/23 stone 7lbs HA0634 Download
Stainless Steel 600mm 150kg / 23 stone 7lbs HA0635 Download
Stainless Steel 900mm 150kg / 23 stone 7lbs HA0636 Download
Multi-function 300mm 120kg / 18 stone 12lbs HA0637 Download
Extension Kit 300mm 120kg / 18 stone 12lbs HA0638 Download