[builder_content post_id=”221″]Keep in touch Exclusive 10% off your first order Delivery Free delivery on orders over £30 VAT Exemption Click to find out more Advice Helping you help yourself Request Brochure We’ll pop one in the post for you Do you struggle getting up from your chair? Can’t get comfortable in your chair? Here are just some of the common problems you tell us about:

  • Chair too soft – no support, tendency to slouch
  • Seat too high – feel unsafe as cannot keep feet on the floor, no back support
  • Chair too hard – uncomfortable, painful over time
  • Seat too short – struggle to maintain balance with no support under the thighs
  • Chair too narrow – difficult to sit in and get up

All of these can lead to increased dependence, isolation, long term immobility and reduce well being – but you can change that… Watch the video to hear Marks story Are you sitting comfortably… what is good seating:

  • It will enable not disable
  • Help manage distribution of pressure across the whole seated area, to reduce risk of pressure ulcer formation
  • Minimise destructive forces such as sheer and friction where skin is vulnerable
  • Comfortable, well ventilated and allow maximum function
  • Confidence to be able to get on and off with ease

Why is this important, here are just some of the reasons:

  • Maintain mobility – to change position when seated, eating, drinking – and healthy joints to keep moving
  • Physical and psychological well-being – supporting breathing, digestion, healthy skin
  • Help recuperation from injury or surgery, maintain independence and well-being
  • Maintain daily living more easily – even when seated, to reach a drink, eat some food, play a game or rest
  • Ability to relax – its tiring ‘doing’ all the time. We all enjoy getting home at the end of the day and putting our feet up in our favourite chair

Comfortable, functional, supportive seating

Maintain your mobility and function – every chair is tailor made to fit you. Correctly supporting the body, eliminating slumping or perching on the edge with your feet safely anchored to the floor. Giving you the confidence to be able to stand up every time. Sit right every time too, the clever design will correctly support you down into the back of the chair no fidgeting or re-positioning to get comfortable.

Maintain sit to stand function

You do not need to learn anything new – the Standing chair mimics how we first learnt to stand and replicates it like you always have, unlike any other chair of its kind. Sit to stand chair, weight bearing through your legs to support healthy joints and daily mobility. Moving with dignity by yourself or added by a carer or loved one.

Your own comfort zone You are in total control! Operating through a handset or sit/stand button on the chair, a gentle motion as you rise up or sit down to recline.

You can elevate your feet, recline the seat or go for gold with tilt in space to create your own comfort zone. There are no optional extras because we believe this should be the standard for everyone. Custom built and made to fit you, with a range of luxurious fabrics, a chair for you to enjoy for many years to come. Endorsed and prescribed by Occupational Therapist UK wide and made here in Herefordshire. We are rather passionate about it too.. The Standing Chair – The Facts

  • Day long comfort with built in pressure management
  • Integral seated postural support
  • Tilt and Space functionality gives added comfort whether sitting upright or reclining.
  • Simple single button function operation – enabling everyone, even if limited cognitive skills because of Dementia, Parkinsons
  • Leg, back support and tilt in space can be adjusted independently to create your own comfort zone
  • Dropped your handset? Don’t get stuck in your chair, built in auto reset function at your fingertips

Dual controls:

  • Simple sit to stand/stand to sit operation reset. This can also be fitted on the left or right, in addition this can also be removed if required.
  • Separate handset for finer adjustments

Chair Colours Available

Silver Almond Pebble Wasabi Paprika Cuero Brown Cuero Black