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Comfortable, functional, supportive seating

With over 30 years of experience crafting chairs, we truly understand the importance of a chair that will support you to sit back and relax with confidence, but also allows you to get up and go to maintain your independence.

Our bespoke service means that every chair will be tailor made to fit you. Correctly supporting the body, eliminating slumping or perching on the edge with your feet safely anchored to the floor, peace of mind and confidence in every day living.

Bringing you top quality craftsmanship hand made in Herefordshire, first class service and a company you can trust, endorsed and prescribed by Occupational Therapist UK wide. We are rather passionate about it too!

 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company

The Standing Chair

The revolutionary standing chair is unique like no other chair on the market. The first of its kind a sit to stand chair that supports long term mobility.  It replicates how you naturally stand to maintain the function of standing up like you always have. An assisted stand, weight bearing through the legs to support healthy joints and daily mobility.

Sit right every time too, the unique design will correctly support you down into the back of the chair no fidgeting or re-positioning to get comfortable.

You are in total control of the gentle motion as you rise up or sit down to recline with individual foot raise, seat recline and tilt in space to create your own comfort zone. There are no optional extras because we believe this should be the standard for everyone. Custom built and made to fit you, with a range of luxurious fabrics, a chair for you to enjoy for many years to come.

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 The Helping Hand Company

Standing Chair Features

  • Day long comfort with built in pressure management
  • Integral seated postural support
  • Tilt and Space functionality gives added comfort whether sitting up right or reclining.
  • Simple single button function operation – enabling even those with limited cognitive skills such as Dementia or Parkinsons
  • Leg and back support can be adjusted independently to create your own comfort zone.
  • Unique built in auto reset function allows you to sit up and stand up without needed needing to use your handset.
  • Back up power guarantees you piece of mind if there is a power failure.The chair will continue to operate up to 10 times and will emit an audible alarm as the battery gets low

Dual controls:

  • Simple sit to stand/stand to sit operation reset. This can also be fitted on the left or right, in addition this can also be removed if required.
  • Separate handset for finer adjustments


  • Fabric or Cuero?upholstery otions the choice is yours.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

Chair Colours Available

 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company
 The Helping Hand Company
Cuero Brown
Cuero Black