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Reaching Aids are a fantastic tool for everyone – disabled, sports injury, pregnant, recovering from a hip or knee operation, chronic pain or living with arthritis.
Avoid bending and straining when getting dressed. Perfect for picking up fallen items down the side of the bed or behind the chest of drawers.

The Classic PRO Reacher is our best seller, and over 83% of our customers use their Grabber Reacher tool for dressing – every day. Make life a little easier – use the hooked trigger or dressing post to lift up and pull round clothes getting dressed and undressed.

The Classic MAX has the added performance of a unique gel handle – beautifully comfortable to hold. Helps offset hand tremors or shakes, giving the confidence to pick up a glass of water or fragile object.

Off out to the shops or visiting family, you can take your faithful friend with you. The Folding Grabber fits neatly into a shopping bag, suitcase, back pack or handbag.

The Handi Grip gives fingertip precision every time. Super flexi ‘lips’ make easy work of big, small, flat or round objects around the home.

The whole hand action of the Arthri Grip delivers more power with just a gentle squeeze, even when lifting something heavy. Ideal for anyone who has arthritic hands or poor grip strength. The unique rotation head on both gives maximum visibility without taking the strain on your wrist. Pull, twist and return action.

Lifetime Guarantee
We will be happy to give your Reaching Aids a freshen up if they stop working. (As a result of general wear and tear, not misuse). Find out more here or give us a call on 01531 635678.


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