Reducing Care Package Case Justification: Cricket Sit to Stand Aid

[builder_content post_id=”1174″]Reducing Care Package Case Justification:
Cricket Sit to Stand Aid Our client, an elderly lady, is unable to step around the home and fixed knees then standing.
Her one foot kicks up and there is difficulty in putting weight through this foot.

Currently using a Rota Stand, which is proving troublesome for Carers to manage and concern
on safety of the client. Once on Rota stand, the client then transfer again onto either a wheeled
glideabout commode or wheelchair, both of which present issues with the one foot.

In a recent re-assessment, with the Cricket, the client was better able to position herself in the
stand to weight bear and build up her strength to do more movement. Additional and obvious
benefits straight off were the reduced amount of transfers as we can use the Cricket to safely
move room to room and over the toilet (rather than use commode in bedroom). Reduction in Carer Package
– initially 2 Carers 4 x times daily with the Rota stand/other transfers
– with the Cricket 1 carer 3 x times daily with the support of the family care giver

?The Cricket is easy to use and ensured all feel safe and secure in transition around the home.
With the Cricket in situ, the client can do her own physio rehab with confidence on sit to stand
and facilitating stretch through her knees. No further physio service will be commissioned at this time.
Had the Cricket not worked, the next step would be to consider powered stand
Aid/Hoist/Ceiling track hoist requiring more carers are visits per day.
We estimate the final savings on this care package to be in the region of
13,400 p.a. for this client alone.

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