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Based in the idyllic Herefordshire countryside, the Helping Hand family have been busy making inspirational and innovative products for over 60 years. Our aim is to make a huge difference to everyday living by reducing the risk of falls and hospital admissions; giving support to carers and planning and maintaining the independence and comfort of living.

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One-Handed dressing

Does lack of function one one side restrict your movement? Recovering from injury, fall or surgery? Ever tried to dress using just one hand? On good days, it’s challenging, and on bad days, it could be impossible. For a few ideas how you can make it possible, download our Top Tip Gude. A few simple changes in how you do what you do can make a big difference.

Reaching - Classic

Based on our original reacher design, all of our Classic range now comes with integral dressing post, handy magnetic tip and stick clip to secure to walker, rollator or frame. The Gripcert claw ensures a firm but gentle hold of the slippiest of fabrics whilst smooth against the skin when getting dressed. You can use the hooked trigger to help pull round clothing or to hang it up. We know over 73% of all purchasers will use their reacher for dressing.

Reaching - Handi-Grip & Arthi-Grip

Designed to mimic how your finger and thumb pick up an item, the Handi-Grip range unique jaw design rotates 90 degrees so you don’t need to turn your wrist. Reaching up to close the curtains, take food out of the cupboard or pick up the TV remote, safely and with a lot less effort. Soft lips of the jaw will easily pick up a coin or bank card off a hard floor, real fingertip precision.

Dressing - Hoisery helpers

Make light work putting on socks, stocking and even compression wear yourself, without having to ask for help. Our super stretchy Soxon is luxuriously soft, gently gliding round your foot. Hypo allergenic fabric wicks away excess moisture. Pop in the wash to freshen up as you need.

Dressing - Compression support

Regular use of compression stockings can help increase blood circulation; reduce swelling, muscle fatigue and soreness in legs and boost energy levels. There is no better feeling than independence.

Dressing - The Shoe Helpers

Our longer shoe horns work well if you have back problems or are not as flexible as you used to be. With a choice of lengths, you can use them sitting or standing. We recommend that with a long shoe horn, it is easier standing.

Dressing - The Leg Up

A long day on your feet? Elevating your legs feels good almost immediately taking the pressure off leg veins and encouraging blood flow.

Bathing - Bath/Shower Board/Seat Range

The Kingfisher bathboard was our original design and has 4 independently adjustable feet to give you the same flexibility to fit all different shapes and curves in baths.

The Surefoot bath/shower boards revolutionary 3 step clunk-click-fix system ensures secure fitting every time you use.

The Bath Seat works as a set with our Bath/Shower boards or on its own, you are guaranteed a comfortable seated wash. Simply place into the bath, push down on the suction feet to secure, that’s it.

Bathing - Bathing Beauties

To make bathtime bliss, a whole collection to pamper your back, legs and feet. Long handles make it extremely easy to clean hard to reach areas. Gently massage the skin whilst you wash, promote good circulation and relax your body.


The Unifix seat raiser makes it much easier getting on or off the toilet. Contoured shape is comfortable to sit on and can be fitted either over existing seat or onto the ceramic. No fiddly fixing, just slide on and secure in place with single adjuster at the side.