Classic PRO Folder Grabber Reacher


The Classic Pro Folder is a long handled grabber stick. Ideal for elderly, disabled, or indeed, anyone who finds bending and reaching a struggle.

Here are the key features:
  • The Classic Pro Folder quickly packs into a suitcase, holdall, shopping bag. Wherever you go, no need to ask someone else for help.
  • A non-slip grip-cert claw ensures a firm hold when you pick up a shirt or a hair brush.
  • Did you know, the hooked trigger and dressing post is great for pulling up socks or putting on your coat/jumper.
  • For help picking up small metal items, there is also a magnetic tip. This makes it easier to reach those awkward to get to places.
  • Includes a really useful stick clip. Now you can have your grabber reliably by your side. Similarly, by attaching to a walking frame, stick or crutch. Always with you whenever you need it.

To find out if you are eligible for vat relief and live in the UK – click here

Helping Hand Stick clips for Classic Reacher range and Shoe helper. Handy device to attach your Reacher onto your wheelchair, walking frame or walking stick.


Oops, have you lost or broken a stick clip? You can now buy a pack of 2 for only £1.00. Simply chose either the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option when adding the handy grabber to your basket.


Please note: This product is available for immediate despatch

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Classic PRO Folding Reacher Grabber

Lightweight helping hand foldable grabber, the Classic Pro Folder Grabber is great for picking up everyday objects around the home with that extra trick that you can fold it up and take with you.

Here are the key features:
  • The Classic Pro Folder reacher quickly and compactly packs into a suitcase, holdall or shopping bag.
  • A non-slip grip-cert claw ensures a firm hold when you pick up a shirt or a hair brush.
  • Ergonomic comfy grip handle sits snug and balanced in your hand. Ideal for those with stiff joints or reduced hand function, common with Arthritis. This means your Helping Hand is comfortable to use all day avoiding finger and wrist strain.
  • There’s a handy magnet at the tip of the grabber. This makes it easier to pick up metal items like a safety pin, needle or hearing aid battery.
  • Recovering from hip or knee surgery? A reacher is an essential tool in your recovery kit.

To find out if you are eligible for vat relief and live in the UK – click here

Which size Helping Hand?

Available exclusively on the Classic Pro Folding reacher is a shorter size (21″/53cm). Not forgetting, standard size (27″/69cm), Sitting down to get dressed or reaching from a chair. If you’re needing a little extra reach up to higher shelves and or over 5’10, lastly, we would recommend the longer size (35″/89cm). That’s a total of 3 available sizes of the Classic Pro Folder to ensure you can avoid any unnecessary stretching.

A perfect multi-tool to help you carry out everyday activities, the long handled grabber is a perfect “helping hand” when you need it most!

Take care of yourself when on holiday

Reaching aids are part of our easy-grip range that will really make your day so much easier. Whether you are at home or staying away with friends or family, you can still maintain your independence. Helping Hand Travel Kit -including a Classic Pro folding reacher/grabber & a Foxy Sock Stocking aid. Maintain your independence even when your away from home.

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20 reviews for Classic PRO Folder Grabber Reacher


    Excellent in every way .

  2. Bernard E Melling

    Really effective even at picking up tiny things


    So easy to use for me I have limited ability to hold things. Will be buying more for each room

  4. Val Straw

    Invaluable Product – Don’t need to bend after my back operation

  5. Christopher

    It’s not clear how stick clip attaches.


    Product arrived very quickly an excellent folding grabber, my elderly Father finds it so useful!

  7. Janice Annal

    I have a similar one that does not fold up that I find it very useful so I bought this as a gift for a relative.

  8. M Glencross

    Speedy delivery and customer service very helpful and friendly

  9. Mr Turner

    Great Product making life easier

  10. Mr P Kenny

    10 out of 10 No need to call on anyone to help me.

  11. S Roth

    This folding reacher has been of great assistance when im not at home and gives me confidence to go out, You make excellent products

  12. Jen Hepworth

    My order arrived the following day! I already have two of the standard reachers and the folding one has made me even more independent. I am very impressed with the friendly and informative person who dealt with my telephone order

  13. Helen James

    I have had your picker upper before, I couldn’t do without these! The gentleman (Scott) who took my order was very kind, friendly and professional.

  14. Mr Chadwick

    I have 3 of the long folding Reacher’s, these help me with shopping and dressing as I am a wheelchair user.

  15. Ft. Chadwick

    The folding Reacher is the next best invention next to the wheelchair – I can take it wherever I go and pop it into my bag, It helps me reach things in the supermarket.

  16. Mr Windebank

    The Classic Pro folding reacher has been a massive help. I went shopping today and found the things I normally buy – some on the top shelf right at the back of the supermarket and others on the bottom. When you have non-stop vertigo that can be difficult but thanks to the grabber I could get what i needed easily and without dropping them!

  17. Barry

    I purchased a Classic Pro Folding Reacher, It was dispatched promptly and included a welcome additional free gift – nice touch.

  18. Ms Nagel

    I have a folding Reacher – It has changed my life, I take it shopping with me so I can reach items in the supermarket without asking for help.

  19. Mrs M Cawte

    I have MS and Stroke and have lost all movement down my right side. These Reachers help an awful lot – I would be lost without it.

  20. Mr Heard

    I ordered the folding helping hand as since January 2004 I’ve been using a non folding helping hand. The original one from 2004 is as good now as the day I bought it and would be without it, I use it to put on my underwear, my trousers, socks and any items I drop. The only thing I’ve had problems with through my own fault is I keep breaking the clips which I use to attach it to my walking sticks. I’ve now bought the folding version which will fit in a backpack or a suitcase so I’m never without my trusted friend.

    The company are very helpful, always very good value and postage is extremely quick, or you can buy any of their wonderful products from most hospital disabled shops. I highly recommend this company to all impaired people no mater your gender or size, and prices are very reasonable.

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