Classic PRO Folder Reacher Grabber


The Classic Pro Folder is a long handled grabber stick for elderly, disabled, or indeed, anyone who finds being & reaching a struggle. Ensuring you maintain your independence in your everyday day living.

The Classic Pro Folder reacher is also eligible for VAT relief in UK. For more details click here (& up should pop the window on VAT relief)

All Helping Hand reachers have a Lifetime Guarantee.


Keep your reacher by your side wherever you need it. We now sell Stick Clips in packs of 2 for only £1.00. Simply select ‘Yes’ to add to your order.



Lightweight helping hand grabber, the Classic Pro Folder is great for picking up everyday objects around the home with that extra trick that you can fold it up and take with you.

Maintain your independence all day, every day, wherever you go. Now you can keep your reacher to hand whether you are at home, out & about or visiting friends/family.

  1. The Classic Pro Folder quickly packs into a suitcase, holdall, shopping bag or easily stored in the car. No need to ask for help, wherever you are.
  2. Non-slip Gripcert claw on the Classic Pro Folder ensures a secure but gentle grip – fabric, newspaper, bottles, letters. Whether grabbing jars from a kitchen shelf, closing the curtains or picking up the milk delivery – a handy helper anywhere around the home or out & about.  No need to be bend or reach and reduce the worry of falling over.
  3. There’s a handy magnet at the tip of the grabber. Its easy to pick up metal items like a safety pin, needle, paper clip or even a hearing aid battery.
  4. Not forgetting the stick clip to safely secure on to your chair/walking frame/trolley/walking stick/crutch – reliably by your side, whenever you need it.
  5. Did you know there is a dressing post on the end too? This makes the Classic Pro Folder a great dressing aid too.

Use sitting down, standing up, from your wheelchair/walker, out & about.

Recovering from hip or knee surgery – this is an essential tool in your recovery kit. Pull up socks and pull round clothes easily without bending or stretching.

Fluid shaped handle sits snug and balanced in your hand. Ideal for those with stiff joints or reduced hand function, common with Arthritis. Comfortable to use all day.

Helping you manage those every day tasks by yourself. To read more about recovering from Hip surgery, look after a loved one, click here to read our range of helpful guides for you. Feel free to share with friends, family or those you care for.

The Classic Pro Folder is a fantastic reaching tool for everyone not just elderly – disabled, sports injury, pregnant, recovery from hip or knee operation, living with arthritis. For more information on managing long term conditions, here are some useful links

Regaining and maintaining your independence and dignity. The Classic Pro folder is part of our range of Daily Living aids. Did you know we do other reachers too – check them out here:


53cm 21", 69cm 27", 89cm 35"

Stick Clips

Yes, No

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7 reviews for Classic PRO Folder Reacher Grabber

  1. Mr Chadwick

    I have 3 of the long folding Reacher’s, these help me with shopping and dressing as I am a wheelchair user.

  2. Ft. Chadwick

    The folding Reacher is the next best invention next to the wheelchair – I can take it wherever I go and pop it into my bag, It helps me reach things in the supermarket.

  3. Mr Windebank

    The Classic Pro folding reacher has been a massive help. I went shopping today and found the things I normally buy – some on the top shelf right at the back of the supermarket and others on the bottom. When you have non-stop vertigo that can be difficult but thanks to the grabber I could get what i needed easily and without dropping them!

  4. Barry

    I purchased a Classic Pro Folding Reacher, It was dispatched promptly and included a welcome additional free gift – nice touch.

  5. Ms Nagel

    I have a folding Reacher – It has changed my life, I take it shopping with me so I can reach items in the supermarket without asking for help.

  6. Mrs M Cawte

    I have MS and Stroke and have lost all movement down my right side. These Reachers help an awful lot – I would be lost without it.

  7. Mr Heard

    I ordered the folding helping hand as since January 2004 I’ve been using a non folding helping hand. The original one from 2004 is as good now as the day I bought it and would be without it, I use it to put on my underwear, my trousers, socks and any items I drop. The only thing I’ve had problems with through my own fault is I keep breaking the clips which I use to attach it to my walking sticks. I’ve now bought the folding version which will fit in a backpack or a suitcase so I’m never without my trusted friend.

    The company are very helpful, always very good value and postage is extremely quick, or you can buy any of their wonderful products from most hospital disabled shops. I highly recommend this company to all impaired people no mater your gender or size, and prices are very reasonable.

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