Classic PRO Grabber Reacher Stick


Over 82% of our customers will use a reacher grabber for dressing. Our high quality Classic Pro pick up tool will help you make every day tasks easier, here are the top 5 features:

  • A non-slip gripcert claw ensures a firm hold when you pick up a blouse or the newspaper.
  • There is a handy dressing post at the jaw end of the reacher.
  • Did you know, the hooked trigger is great for pulling up socks or putting on your coat/jumper.
  • For help picking up small metal items, there is a magnetic tip. This also makes it easier to reach those awkward to get to places.
  • The Classic Pro reacher grabber includes a really useful stick clip. Now you can have your grabber reliably by your side. Similarly, by attaching to a walking frame, stick or crutch. Always with you whenever you need it.

To find out if you are eligible for VAT relief and live in the UK on this product – click here

A lifelong friend that your customers cherish for over 21 years. For your peace of mind, all Helping Hand reachers have a lifetime guarantee.

Oops, have you lost or broken a stick clip? You can now buy a pack of 2 for only £1.00. Simply chose either the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option when adding the Classic Pro to your basket.

Helping Hand Stick clips for Classic Reacher range and Shoe helper. Handy device to attach your Reacher onto your wheelchair, walking frame or walking stick.


“I use the stick clip to attach my mini torch to the bottom of my reacher. It helps me find my hearing aid battery when I drop it on the floor.” – Mrs Green, June 2020


Please note: We will be despatching orders for the Longer 32″ length from the 25th October. The shorter 26″ length is available for immediate despatch


Classic PRO Reacher Grabber Tool

Over 82% of our customers will use a reacher grabber for dressing. The Classic Pro reacher will help you make every day tasks easier and enhance your daily living, here are the top 5 features:

  • A non-slip gripcert jaw ensures a firm hold when you pick up a blouse or the newspaper.
  • There is a handy dressing post at the jaw end of the reacher.
  • Did you know, the hooked trigger is great for pulling up socks or putting on your coat/jumper.
  • For help picking up small metal items, there is a handy magnet at the tip. This also makes it easier to reach those awkward to get to places.
  • The Classic Pro reacher grabber includes a really useful stick clip. Now you can have your grabber reliably by your side. Similarly, by attaching to a walking frame, stick or crutch. Always with you whenever you need it.

To find out if you are eligible for VAT relief and live in the UK on this product – click here

Which size Helping Hand?

Sitting down to get dressed, reaching from a chair or standing up in the kitchen, the standard size (26″/65cm) will easily do all your jobs. If you are needing a little extra reach up to higher shelves and/or over 5’10, we would recommend the longer size (32″/82cm). Therefore avoiding any unnecessary stretching or balancing acts.

We want to ensure you can maintain your independence with every day living wherever you go. Going shopping or visiting family and friends – we do folding reaching aids too

Helping you manage those every day tasks by yourselfHolding iPad browsing hhadlessentials website handy guides page

Reaching aids are part of our easy-grip dressing range that will really make the start and end of your day so much easier. To read more about how to maintain your independence getting dressed, click here to view our library of helpful guides. Feel free to share these with your friends, family or those you care for.

Our Classic Pro grabber is a fantastic pick up tool for everyone not just elderly. Commonly used by those with restricted mobility, managing long term conditions or those living with arthritis. For more information, support and advice about how to manage later life, see our choice of helpful leading organisations below:

How to Use




Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the Classic Pro Reacher. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for,  contact us on our live Jivo-Chat service or call us on 01531 635678 and we will be happy to help!

How do I measure my Reacher?

The length is from the end of the Reacher (jaw) to the top of the handle. This will either be our standard 26″ or longer 32″ length.

Is the handle made of rubber or plastic?

The handle is made of Latex free plastic with a comfortable non slip grip

What is the black hook for at the end?

This is the dressing post, It can be used to hook socks, pull clothing around the body etc.

What lengths does the Classic Pro Grabber come in?

Standard size (26″/65cm) or longer size (32″/82)

Does my grabber come with a stick clip?

Yes it does, however some customer prefer to buy extra in case this one gets lost, broken or for extra stability (one at the top and one at the bottom)

Can I buy extra clips?

Yes, Click here to purchase extra clips.

How do I attach my clips?

Please find Stick Clip instructions here

I have lost my magnet – Can I get another one?

Yes you can, Give us a call 01531 635 678 and we will be able to send you one in the post. All you need to do is use some strong adhesive to attach your new magnet to your grabber.

What is the lifetime guarantee?

Your faithful friend for over 21 years our reachers/grabbers are well used. We will be happy to give yours a freshen up if they stop working (as a result of general wear and tear not misuse).

Can I use this Reacher outdoors for litter picking?

No, This grabber is for indoor use only. We have a website for all your litter picking needs – click here

143 reviews for Classic PRO Grabber Reacher Stick

  1. Susie Stockton Link

    Post op and can’t bend so this allows me to pick up even the smallest of things

  2. P Robertson

    No more having to bend, its made life much easier

  3. Meg

    Bending is difficult so by using this I don’t need to bend so far

  4. A S Mellon

    Great Product and would recommend it

  5. F B Mundran

    I recently dislocated my hip so this product is a great help so I don’t need to bend so far

  6. Sylvia Peter

    This product allows me to live my own – could not manage without it. Magnet and hook on the bottom are so useful

  7. M R Browning

    9 out of 10 for this product

  8. F Branigan

    A great help whilst I have an injured hip

  9. Angela Hawkins

    Would recommend this product

  10. K S Knight

    This product gives me much more independence

  11. Gillian

    Great product and allows me to puck things up easily off the floor

  12. Val Trinder

    Helps with opening the curtains, poking husband awake, picking up lost things in in small spaces like behind the sofa. At last a company that provides well thought-out aids that are actually fit for purpose

  13. Julie

    Helps me pick items up even the TV controller – Keep up the good work

  14. S.B Whiting

    All of your products are excellent. Really helped me after my new hip. Fantastic company to deal with, thank you so much

  15. Mrs D Atherley

    I ordered one of these last week, as soon as it arrived I had to order another one. Now I have one for the lounge and the bedroom.

  16. Jo Robertshaw

    Great product and the magnet is a bonus – Ordered a second one for upstairs

  17. Mr Saunders

    Great product which saves me bending all the time

  18. Rebecca Nicholls

    I have had one of these for 6 years and it has been a godsend. I am now buying another one to go upstairs.

  19. Richard Ends

    I have had many of these but this is the best on the market

  20. Norman Easterbrook

    I have arthritis so this product enables me to pick things up with out bending

  21. Brian Cooper

    Great product and have one upstairs and downstairs

  22. Mrs D Robinson

    10 out of 10 great product to aid me in the house and garden

  23. Mrs E Hagen

    I find this really useful. I have so many aches and pains so I cannot bend down to pick things up. I would be lost without it.

  24. Freda Krishna

    Its very easy to lift things and is a great help

  25. Mr L Mower

    After a hip replacement this is a great product so I don’t need to bend

  26. C Roberts

    Cant function without this wonderful item

  27. Angela Cox

    I have tried countless grabbers but this is the best I have used and a great price

  28. J Turner

    Its as if I have a third hand could not do without. For someone with only one leg this is very very helpful

  29. Mrs B Wood

    I use it to throw my dogs ball so my dog can still get some exercise when I cant walk him. I have had 3 different Reacher’s from elsewhere and they do not match up to yours. The design is easy to use and its invaluable.

  30. Pauline Diaper

    I am now able to pick things up off the floor or out the cupboard

  31. Fiona

    It means I will no longer have to bend over and risk falling over. I also brought one for my neighbour and she was delighted

  32. R Robinson

    This saves me bending down

  33. Margaret turner

    Thank you. You have been very helpful. I have used both grabbers. The shorter one is on the Zimmer and the other at the side of the bed.

  34. Veronica Bramer

    We have one upstairs and downstairs for convenience, it make life easier after a hip replacement

  35. G Artis

    I now do not have to bend over to pick things up

  36. Mr J Lee

    I use them to pick up dirty football kit. Very handy!

  37. Mr Lowe

    Couldn’t pick thing up from the floor without it

  38. Mr Heard

    Helped me to pick things up and get dressed!

  39. Mary Findlay

    I have had my Reacher for 15 years! It’s a lifesaver

  40. Peter Appleford

    Its a great thing, it helps me a great deal, I don’t have to crawl around on the floor when I drop items!

  41. Kathleen Boyle

    I was so delighted to get the “HELPING HANDS”. I had one about 14 years ago that has just given up on me.

  42. Mary Baker

    The grippers re invaluable to me. They help me pick up everything. I am so grateful for these in my life

  43. H.J.Hopkins

    I’ve had a reacher for some time and it aids my mobility!

  44. B Dhar

    I don’t have to bend to pick things up, Having a magnet at the end of the device is a great idea.

  45. J M Lee

    I can now reach items that I normally wouldn’t be able to, This was a replacement item, I cannot thank Tracey enough for her kindness & promptness sending out my Reacher!

  46. Christine Malone

    A reliable gadget with a long reach and the bonus of a free gift

  47. M Hunter

    Speedy delivery within 24 hours, excellent price, product and delivery service

  48. Wendy Travis

    This grabber has been a absoulute lifeline for me over the years, I have had this for 11 years and it has been amazing. I don’t know what I would do without it. I have brought cheaper versions in the past but they are awful compared to yours.

  49. Captain M Russell

    Excellent Product – You should play David Bowie song ‘We could be be Hero’s’ because you are

  50. Louise Scott

    Great product and makes it easy to lift things from my wheelchair – Excellent Service from Tracey, A credit to your company

  51. Vera Randall

    Having broken my hip in 2014, these products help an invalid to become more independent.

  52. Anthea

    I have arthritis and carpel tunnel, It helps me pick up things I have dropped. The people on the phone were wonderful, helpful and informative, best service I have had!

  53. A Mogridge

    Makes bending down to pick items up unnecessary

  54. Mrs Cleasby

    I have limited mobility and balance, This is like having an extra arm.

  55. Anonymous

    Picking up my dogs toys to throw it for him without having to bend down! Its great!

  56. Phil Thomas

    Excellent Design, light weight and robust – well thought out. I ordered on the internet and it arrived next day with a free gift included.

  57. John Lovell

    I have 5 pick up sticks, I can pick up most things that I drop. I now want one for the car.

  58. Mr V C Ingham

    Neither of us can bend and these helpers have been invaluable for many years! Never has any retailer given such fantastic service, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  59. Ms Clark

    I can cope with things I drop without asking my family for help

  60. J Glen

    This saves me bending to pick things up which is painful.

  61. R Nicholson

    Great Product and very easy to use – saves bending

  62. Irene Rice

    There’s no struggling now when reaching and bending

  63. Thomas McIntyre

    Helps me pick up items from the floor – great

  64. J R Carr

    This helps me with getting things up/down high shelves and picking up from underneath furniture, mostly tables.

  65. Liz Hamerton

    The biggest Impact for me is not having to bed over to pick anything whilst on a 18 month waiting list for a hip operation

  66. M Davis

    This saves me bending down, I spoke to Tracey, She was so helpful, pity there aren’t more like her!

  67. Mr T W Dudgeon

    I now don’t need to call family to pick things up for me now!

  68. Julia Evans

    This has helped my 92 year old mother by not bending down as she has a chronic back condition. Your staff have excellent telephone manners, patience and knowledge.

  69. Christel Williams

    As one ages, I think these little gremlins move in and have great fun pushing everything onto the floor . These are very helpful aids for many things

  70. Mrs S Bone

    Saves me bending to pick things up!

  71. Derek Carter

    We have 7/8 of these around the house, they are so useful. We also have a folding Reacher that has travelled well with us, We don’t know what we would do without them!

  72. Bill Jarman

    I am able to pick up things that are otherwise out of reach

  73. G S Skeggs

    This grabber is more sturdy than others on the market

  74. Judith Jordan

    I am now able to pick up anything which I drop frequently

  75. J Sharon

    This is my second one , I now have one upstairs and downstairs. These have truly made my life easier!

  76. Mr Brayshaw

    I am able to pick bits up easily

  77. David

    I cannot bend so this is fantastic. Arrived within 24 hours!

  78. Ms Pope

    This has given me the ability to pick up /reach things as I am unable to bend down

  79. Penny Hutchins

    I bought one to replace a Reacher I have been using for over 20 years

  80. R A Nash

    The biggest impact for me is not having to reach up or bend down to retrieve items

  81. Nancy Martel

    Good product which makes me less dependant on others

  82. Frank Rowley

    This has helped my by reducing the need to bend, My damaged hip is much less painful

  83. Mr W James

    The Reacher is the best on I have used. It really helps that the handles are yellow as my eye sight is very poor and this stands out in a darker room!

  84. Mrs Jordan

    I received a reacher to help recover from hip surgery and ongoing issues with lumber spondylosis

  85. Mrs Pease

    The Gripper is fabulous, I have tried others but can always trust this one. I currently have this on my bathroom shelf in case I drop anything but would like some more around the house as the floor is getting further away!

  86. Jan Brant

    I pick up the mail and milk bottles as I cannot bend down due to arthritis and osteoporosis.I have used these for a long time and they are invaluable to me.

  87. David Healey

    My mum, in advancing years has relied on your product The Classic picker for some years and rates it ahead of other pickers

  88. Jack Tring

    I have 3 of these, having them in different places, means I don’t have to go far for one. Fantastic delivery, ordered Monday AM, arrived Tuesday PM

  89. Ms P Baines

    I have 4 reachers, 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs, 1 folding one to take shopping and 1 to leave at my friends house when I visit. The extra clips are fantastic for clipping my reacher to my trolley so I can move around the house with it.

  90. Mr Urquhart

    I was issued one of these in January 2019 by the hospital – I absolutely love it and cant live without it. I use it for picking up and reaching for everything.

  91. W Rixon

    I am now able to reach everything very easily with my Helping Hand

  92. Mr Hampson

    I have used this to pick up tennis balls whilst social distancing.

  93. Lance Corpal Wong

    Hi I am solider in the mobile test unit for corona
    Been using your reacher pro to collect the test and put them in the box.
    It has added a level of safety
    And just say thank you for a great product
    But it has save so much time and worry using picker, than have them put in a box right next to the car.

  94. Mrs G Perrotton

    This is a perfect present for fathers day

  95. G EVANS

    I now have 4 dotted around the house – says it all

  96. Alistair

    These Reachers have made my life easier, excellent service, delivered in 3 days despite conditions at present.

  97. Diane

    This grabber is so much better than the one a friend loaned me – yours is A*

  98. A Campbell

    The biggest impact for me using this product is that it makes me happy not to have pain when bending down to pick up things from the floor

  99. Mrs Thompson

    I use the trigger on my Gripper to hook it on the back of my kitchen door – There are many other Grippers out there but they aren’t as good as yours!

  100. Mrs Barnes

    Its the best picker-upper you can buy!

  101. Miss Smith

    I have one of these in every room. I cant live without them. I use them from when I wake up to when I go to bed!

  102. Nicholas Burnside

    Good quality and helpful product as I can no longer bend – Prompt service

  103. Mrs Tanner

    I have had this 26″ Reacher for over 20 year and its still going strong. I cannot bend down so this is a lifesaver to me!

  104. Shirley Hiscocks

    I recently broke my arm, This has been a godsend to me! I have tried other grabbers but they are not a patch on the Helping Hand

  105. Mrs Worton

    I cannot bend down easily because of a badly damaged hip, so this products are a blessing. In the current situation (COVID-19) it is just good to be able to receive your products.

  106. Mr Thomas

    I recently brought a new one as I gave mine to a neighbour who is 90 and struggling to bend over. She loves it!

  107. Tricia

    The Biggest impact for me using this product is being able to recover from a operation, its been a brilliant help!

  108. Barbara

    The biggest impact for me using this product is being able to have one in each room to pick items up from the floor.

  109. Julie Martin

    I have one of these in my sitting room, bedroom and kitchen, also a folding one which goes on holidays.
    Poor mobility due to brain tumour and orthopaedic surgery, not allowed to reach to floor. Used to pick up items I am forever dropping, reaches places I couldn’t, also very helpful for dressing assistance.
    In addition, excellent company, pleasant helpful staff and swift delivery even at this crisis (virus) time.
    Highly recommended.

  110. Robert

    I have had my grabber for 10 years or more and use it to pick up lightweight items and small logs for my fire. I use this everyday without fail and have one in every room as I am paraplegic. They are head and shoulders above other cheaper ones on the market. I briefly used another one when I came out of hospital and it wasn’t a patch on the helping Hands!

  111. Christine

    I have broken a vertebrate in my back and I am unable to bend – This grabber is perfect for me!

  112. Mr & Mrs Holmes

    We don’t know what we would do without this grabber, its invaluable and excellent value for money. The service was amazingly quick, thank you very much indeed

  113. Ann Woolrych

    I have used your products even after recovering from operations – they have become part of everyday life

  114. V Ellis

    I have recently come out of hospital, This grabber is great, I can easily pick up safety pins with the magnet on the end – Very handy!

  115. Isabel

    This product has protected me from falling as I suffer with vertigo. I cant bend over, therefore this has been invaluable to me and I haven’t had any falls since I brought this Reacher and I couldn’t live without it.

  116. Sheila

    I use this a dozen times a day and have has this for many years, It has become invaluable to me as I am disabled. I use it to reach items from the floor and up in the cupboards.

  117. Mr J Dawson

    I have had one of your grabbers for years, I uses it around 100 times a day, nothing is out of reach for me. I don’t know what I would do without it!

  118. Mr Patel

    This product is very trusted, strong and reliable. I have arthritis and I cant bend down so I rely heavily on these grabbers.

  119. Mrs Poplak

    Since 1976 I have only needed to use 2 classic pro grabbers, They are wonderful. In the last 5 years I have become totally reliant on them

  120. Mrs Smith

    I have had 2 of my “Helping hands” (reachers) for over 20 years and they are still going strong, I have been disabled since 1999 and I think these are wonderful. I cannot bend much or reach the floor and I would be lost without them. I have one for every room and would recommend them to everyone.

  121. Patrick

    I have MS and I am a wheelchair user, I need a Reacher in every room for when i drop items onto the floor. I can also attache my Reacher to my wheelchair using the stick clip.

  122. Mr Prior

    I am absolutely lost without my Reacher! its helps me to dress with the dressing post.

  123. Mrs Banfield

    I have had one of these grabbers for many years with such success. It use it everywhere over the house and wouldn’t be without it.

  124. Miss Hedley

    My Helping Hand is invaluable to me. I need one upstairs, downstairs and in the bathroom! I wouldn’t be able to function without these. I also use it to help put my trousers and tights on with the handy dressing post.

  125. Mrs Drinkwater

    Its the most invaluable piece of equipment in my life – this is stationed in my bathroom for ease.

  126. Doreen Fountain

    I wouldn’t be without my Reacher’s, Me and my husband both have mobility issues. We use them for a variety of things, Including feeding the cat, I can put the plate down on the floor with ease! We love the Helping Hand Company because there is always someone willing to help us when we need them replacing.

  127. Doreen Curran

    I ordered another grabber for upstairs, Its very inconvenient to carry it around as I use a stair lift to get upstairs. This will help me out a great deal!

  128. Peter Hume

    I first saw one at a corner shop where the elderly man used it to get a packet down for a client
    Then my father bought one and lots of fun showing me all the tricks he could do with “The Classic”. I was impressed

    When he died, I asked if could have dad’s, and I kept it in my workshop where I used it 2-3 times a week as my “arm extension”.

    2 days ago I had a double hernia operation and felt like in painful hell when I came home.
    I knew what to do. I sent my son to get it from my workshop.

    So not only have I picked up all kinds of things (Even my smartphone that I had dropped). I just used it, like a walking stick, to get out of bed ALL ALONE. What a victory !

    What a great product !

  129. Brynn Sharkey

    I am ex military, I have extensive damage to my leg and I cannot bend down. These Reacher’s are fantastic! They don’t look cheap either!

  130. Mrs Pamela Neville

    I have one in every room – it saves me going from one room to another carrying round my Reacher

  131. Olive Frost

    I love the Classic PRO – I use the magnet for picking up screws and needles

  132. Mrs J Edwards

    I have had the Classic PRO Reacher for a number of years, my favourite use is picking up my tablets when I drop them on the floor. I also use it to help me put my shoes on too.

  133. Mr F Robinson

    I have had a knee operation recently and the ‘grab stick’ has been perfect – I can’t bend down at the moment so it has helped me pick up items I drop on the floor.

    My sister is a wheelchair user and she has a Reacher in every room – very clever

  134. Mrs Vicky Hockett

    So useful, wouldn’t be able to function without it. Recently had a hip operation and cannot bend down at all, I use it for putting and pulling my socks on. It’s a fantastic tool!

  135. Mr G Townsend

    Would like to have a Reacher in each room, therefore I don’t have to carry them around with me and trip over them – they are fantastic, I wouldn’t be without them

  136. Mrs Patricia Hunt

    I’m using my mothers old Reacher to help with recover after a fall. She had it for over 20 years, it’s still going strong!

  137. Anthony Mitchell

    I would like a Grabber for every room as they are darn useful!

  138. Mr K Thacker

    Worn it out, marvellous thing

  139. Mrs Jill McBeath

    I have had a hip operation and I find it easier to have 2 Reachers, 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs, saves me carrying them backwards and forwards

  140. Jan Fuller

    I would not be able to cope without my helping hands I now have three! Not only for picking items up off the floor but getting my washing out of the machine and other essential tasks.

  141. Gillian Kriehn

    This is just what I needed to help me reach a bit further in the garden and keep it tidy while my feet were wrapped in bandages after surgery (it’s not easy to keep me out of the garden). It also is invaluable for those items dropped and just out of reach indoors. Good value for money.

  142. Paul Kennedy

    Having used my new Classic Pro over the past few weeks I can honestly say it is as good if not better than the old Classic. The Gripcert Jaw UPGRADE certainty is an improvement as it appears to be more rigid and less incline to move sideways under downward pressure, I found the new dressing post another useful item as it allows items to be hooked or pulled towards you without having to use the trigger, which maybe very helpful for those whose trigger fingers are not as strong as others.

    The Classic Pro provides me with an invaluable every day tool that is a help in a hundred different ways and situations, and its so easy to use. Having to use a walking frame my Classic Pro is conveniently clipped to my frame and ready for instant use when ever needed. My life without my “grabber” would just be a series of difficulties in the bending and reaching of the different objects I need throughout the day.

    Once you you have one you will wonder just how you managed without one, I couldn’t be without mine now.

  143. Edna Brown

    As a result of a hip replacement surgery I purchased your Classic Reacher at one of our local hospitals.

    The reason I am writing is to congratulate you on such a fine, fine product. It gives me great joy to use it as it is designed so well.

    You have thought of everything…. The magnet, the soft material that helps with pick-up…everything. Not only is it so useful, but so well made. It invites me to feel well cared for. It invites me to delight in the fact that some people take pride in work well done.

    I wish I could personally thank each person involved in this product as it gives me something else to be thankful for as I go through the process of recovery.

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