Comfi-Grip Long Handled Deluxe Sponge


Bad back, stiff joints or a mum to be, if you want a good scrub, but just can’t reach, these are for you!

The supportive grip allows for comfort and ease when bathing.

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Comfi-Grip Long Handled Deluxe Sponge

The Comfi-Grip Long Handled Deluxe Sponge can help you wash and scrub all over your body, especially those hard to reach areas including your back, legs and feet, without twisting, turning or bending.

Bad back, stiff joints or a mum to be, if you want a good scrub, but just can’t reach, these are for you!

The supportive grip allows for comfort and ease when bathing.

How to Use



Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the Comfi-Grip Long Handled Deluxe Sponge. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, contact us on our live Jivo-Chat service or call us on 01531 635678 and we will be happy to help!

Does this sponge have interchangeable heads?

No unfortunately not, this has one head that is secured onto the long handle.

Does this washing aid come with spare sponge heads?

No, this only comes with the one head

What is the length of the bathing aid scrubber?


What is the actual size of the sponge head?

13cm x 7cm

How much does the long handled sponge weigh?


Can I bend the handle?

Yes you can, you can do this by running hot water onto the stick (please be careful) or using a hairdryer (5-10 minutes) to soften the plastic. You can then bend the handle into the desired angle. Then cool the handle under the cold tap to set.

Can I use the sponge as a lotion applicator?

Yes you can use to apply lotions, creams and even fake tan to hard to reach areas on the body.

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12 reviews for Comfi-Grip Long Handled Deluxe Sponge

  1. Amazon Kindle Customer

    Very well made and robust sponge used for accessing my lower legs and feet. Also useful as a back scrub.

  2. Liz – Amazon Customer

    I have had one of theses sponges for years and thought I needed another one for different products. Excellent to reach around the body. I have arthritic knees and use it to apply lotions to my feet and legs without having to bend my knees. Wonderful! Easily washed and dries quickly too.

  3. Philip Sargeant

    I bought it for my wife who has had a heart attack, stroke and broken her left hip and she finds it really helpfull in the shower

  4. Sisterbird – Amazon Customer

    This bath brush is great all rounder, brush is softer which suits my sensitive skin Unlike some that I find quite harsh, the other side is massage is also nice to use this product is great value for money and would recommend to family and friends.

  5. Herbert

    Means I can easily wash my back

  6. Malcolm

    This has made showering a lot easier.

  7. Ravenhill

    I bought this for my neighbour who has a rash on her back and needs to apply cream several times a day. She is delighted with it but wishes that the sponge head was replaceable for hygiene reasons. However it’s not expensive to buy again.

  8. Mrs Upton

    This long handled sponge enables me to put cream on my heels and feet.

  9. Pat Watkins

    Having the long handle sponge I can now wash and do things myself instead of relying on others.

  10. JUDITH LILLIS – Amazon Customer

    I bought this prior to having a total hip replacement, knowing that I would be unable to shower, bathe or bend for a few weeks after the operation. It is exactly what I wanted and does the job very well.

  11. Ms. Kerstin Barz -Amazon Customer

    finally a really long handled shower sponge, perfect when you have limited mobility and cant reach your back. but not only that is a bonus. Once you use hair dryer on handle like described in instructions that comes with it you can bend the handle exactly to the position best for you to reach your back. Its very very hard plastic and you need the hairdryer for a few minutes to make it a bit softer to be able to bend it and it will stay like that until you reheat it . i love this sponge and can highly recommend it

  12. Sunnydays – Amazon Customer

    Got this for an elderly couple and they use it for reaching their feet and lower legs in the shower.

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