Comfi-Grip Toe-Foot Long Handled Sponge


If washing between your toes is a problem, this could well be the answer.

The long handle eliminates the need to bend; the sponge has been shaped to get where others just cannot. The new supportive grip allows for comfort and ease.

Sponge length – 26″/65cm

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Comfi-Grip Toe-Foot Long Handled Sponge

The long handled Comfi-grip Toe-Foot sponge is idea If washing between your toes is a problem.

The long handle eliminates the need to bend; the sponge has been shaped to get where others just cannot. The new supportive grip allows for comfort and ease.

To find out if you are eligible for VAT relief and live in the UK on this product – click here

How to Use

Comfi-Grip sponge range - how to bend the handle into the required position. Either use hot water or hairdryer to soften and then cold water to set



Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the Comfi-Grip Toe-Foot Long Handled Sponge. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, contact us on our live Jivo-Chat service or call us on 01531 635678 and we will be happy to help!

Does this sponge have interchangeable heads?

No unfortunately not, this has one head that is secured onto the long handle.

Does this washing aid come with spare sponge heads?

No, this only comes with the one head

What is the length of the bathing aid scrubber?


What is the actual size of the sponge head?

The head is bevelled and measures 9cm x 8cm

How much does the long handled sponge weigh?


Can I bend the handle?

Yes you can, you can do this by running hot water onto the stick (please be careful) or using a hairdryer (5-10 minutes) to soften the plastic. You can then bend the handle into the desired angle. Then cool the handle under the cold tap to set.

Can I use the sponge as a lotion applicator?

Yes you can use to apply lotions, creams to hard to reach areas on the body, between toes and under your foot.

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17 reviews for Comfi-Grip Toe-Foot Long Handled Sponge

  1. Mrs P Falkirk – Amazon Customer

    Bought this for my mum who has mobility problems. She needed a way of cleaning her feet without having to bend over or stretch. She is very happy with this product. Sponge is fairly large but robust and the handle is strong. Good for cleaning between her toes, around her heel and under the feet.

  2. Jill Rae – Amazon Customer

    After a replacement hip I had been unable to reach my toes properly in the shower. This sponge fitted the bill. It looks too large to get between toes but it scrunches up to get between easily. A good buy.

  3. Philip Sargeant

    I bought it for my wife who broke her hip.
    The foot/toe sponge is useful but she finds it a little large to get between her toes. Realistically she only has the use of one hand as her left arm has not totally recovered are a stroke.

  4. M. ABBOTT – Amazon Customer

    This product has been thoughtfully designed; the simple shape for the sponge can be used to wash your back, feet and between toes but also ‘wraps round’ your legs to wash them effectively too. The handle can be warmed then bent/shaped to the users needs to make its use even easier.

  5. OLLIE – Amazon Customer

    Good value and aid that is very useful when you are not able to bend down good useful tool which I use in the shower

  6. PJH – Amazon Customer

    Item arrived promptly – as described by seller. Can be used in the shower / bath to wash toes and / or apply cream to lower limbs, between toes, to bottom of feet if required. Cream can be then washed out of sponge easily with hot water / washing up liquid.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Bought for my hubby after he had a hip replacement op. He said it’s brilliant. He can’t shower and said it lathers the soap easily and then is easy to rinse and wipe soap away from his feet.

  8. P Stowell Phillips

    This helps me wash my feet independently

  9. Mrs Mitchell

    This gives me independence and pleasure in having clean toes. My husband ordered this for me and I was surprised and delighted

  10. V J Stenning – Amazon Customer

    Better than expected – It was larger, sturdier and longer than I had thought and therefore better.

  11. L Wright

    Helps me shower safely after my hip operation

  12. Louise – Amazon Customer

    As described. Well packaged. Useful instructions. British made.

  13. Mr Garbett

    I am now more independent when washing and can reach down to my feet.

  14. Ms Reynolds

    It has been invaluable for the past 8 years, pampering my legs and feet.
    Scott at your office was most helpful when the parcel did not arrive, It has now. Thank you

  15. Jean

    I have had this sponge for a number of years, I have broken both of my hips and cannot bend down. I use this sponge to apply cream to my feet and in-between my toes.

  16. Mrs Monks

    I love these sponges, there is nothing else out there like these. They are so unique and they work for me!

  17. Susan Davies

    We have had dozens of these over the years – my husband would be lost without them.

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