Cricket Transfer & Transport Aid

The Cricket actively supports the process of rising to a standing position and during transfer.

  • An ideal solution for those with impaired balance and reduced strength in their legs
  • An extra support over traditional transfer aids. Off the bed, to the toilet or moving to a chair
  • The Cricket is a non-powered device
  • Simplifying everyday transfers and promoting keeping moving
  • Supports up to 22 stone/130kg, height adjustable 4’11” to 6’3”


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The Cricket is an ideal solution for those who can raise themselves to an upright/semi upright position for about 10 seconds and then re-east for transfer. Moving from bed to toilet, or chair – in a seated position – around the home.

Fitted with 4 wheels – and braked castors on the back ensures maximum security and stability. Its compact design is no bigger than a wheelchair making it easy to manoeuvre through standard doorways.

The Cricket will even fit over the toilet in an en-suite, wet room or bathroom. You can turn easily in a small room and negotiate gaps of only 32cm wide. Offering dignity to sit down on the toilet and not a commode in the bedroom.


– Accommodate from 1.5 – 1.9m (4ft 11in – 6ft 3in) in height

– Perfect for users who can raise themselves to an upright or semi upright position

– Compact size means the Cricket can turn in its own space

– Articulating knee pad offers improved support when seated and when transferring on and off

– New foot guard achieves a better seated position

– High-grip ‘footprints’ offer visual assistance and added security in use

– Excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces

– Quick and easy seated transfer requiring only one carer

– Multi-height adjustment

– Integral back rest, ergonomically designed for comfort

– Up to 22 stone/130 kg

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