Cricket II Transfer Aid

The Cricket actively supports the process of rising to a standing position and during transfer.

  • An ideal solution for those with impaired balance and reduced strength in their legs
  • An extra support over traditional transfer aids. Off the bed, to the toilet or moving to a chair
  • The Cricket is a non-powered device
  • Simplifying everyday transfers and promoting keeping moving
  • Supports up to 22 stone/130kg, height adjustable 4’11” to 6’3”


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The Cricket II is an ideal solution for those who can raise themselves to an upright/semi upright position for about 10 seconds and then re-seat for transfer. Moving from bed to toilet, or chair – in a seated position – around the home.

Fitted with 4 wheels – and braked castors on the back ensures maximum security and stability. Its compact design is no bigger than a wheelchair making it easy to manoeuvre through standard doorways.

The Cricket will even fit over the toilet in an en-suite, wet room or bathroom. You can turn easily in a small room and negotiate gaps of only 32cm wide. Offering dignity to sit down on the toilet and not a commode in the bedroom.


– Accommodate from 1.5 – 1.9m (4ft 11in – 6ft 3in) in height

– Perfect for users who can raise themselves to an upright or semi upright position

– Compact size means the Cricket can turn in its own space

– Articulating knee pad offers improved support when seated and when transferring on and off

– New foot guard achieves a better seated position

– High-grip ‘footprints’ offer visual assistance and added security in use

– Excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces

– Quick and easy seated transfer requiring only one carer

– Multi-height adjustment

– Integral back rest, ergonomically designed for comfort

– Up to 22 stone/130 kg

Additional Information





Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the Cricket II Transfer & Transport Aid. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, contact us on our live Jivo-Chat service or call us on 01531 635678 and we will be happy to help!

How much does the Cricket weigh?
The Cricket II is 25Kg

How big is the Cricket?
H 102cm, W 59cm, D 87cm

What is the maximum client weight, suitable for the Cricket?


Does client height matter?
The maximum client height is 1.9m/6’3″ and minimum height is 1.5m/4’11”, a paediatric version is available for clients under 5’2″

How do I request a trial or a demo?
To request more information or to book a Cricket demonstration please complete our contact form above

How long will it take for my Cricket to arrive?
Our standard delivery time is 5-10 days from date of order.

Does the Cricket arrive fully assembled?
The Cricket is shipped fully assembled but in its lowest position. Please refer to the Cricket User Manual for more details on how to adjust the height settings.

How do I separate the Cricket?
The Cricket can be separated into two sections for storage or transportation using the side clamping leavers. Please refer to the Cricket User Manual for full details

What clearance is required to roll under furniture correctly?

Can I use the Cricket to move from room to room?
The Cricket is designed to help transfer clients from sitting to standing, between equipment and from room to room. It fits easily through doorways, thresholds and the small wheels are ideal to roll over carpet.

Can I use the Cricket outdoors?
The Cricket is designed for indoor use only, we do not recommend using the Cricket in an external environment and could invalidate the product warranty.

Can the Cricket be used in the shower?
The Cricket can be used to transfer clients to and from the shower, but we do not recommend using it within the shower enclosure.

How do I clean a Cricket?
The seat can be removed and washed at 40° using a biological detergent. The frame should be wiped using a diluted detergent and dried thoroughly before use. We do not recommend the Cricket is cleaned in an autoclave. For full details, please refer to our Cricket Cleaning guide for more information.

Can I clean the Cricket in an autoclave?
We do not recommend the Cricket is cleaned in an autoclave, due to the risk of trapping moisture and causing deterioration within the frame/components

Does the Cricket have a Guarantee?
The Crickets are guaranteed for 12 months from date of delivery. This guarantee does not cover general wear and tear, or any damage resulting from misuse. Full details are in the Cricket User Manual

Are there any safety warnings?
Please ensure you are familiar with the safety instructions in the Cricket User Manual before operating the Cricket

I need a spare, how do I identify the part?
For details and images of all the spare parts available, please check the Cricket User Manual for more information

How do I order a spare?
To order a spare for a Cricket you can email us on [email protected] or call us 01531 635678

How do I order a service/repair?
Please contact our Service department on 01531 635678 for more help; to arrange aftercare support or a service for your Cricket

What is the returns policy for a Cricket?
Should the product no longer be required, it can be returned. The Cricket must be unused, in all original packaging and in a condition fit for resale. There is a 10% restocking charge. Please contact our Head Office on 01531 638678, prior to returning the Cricket.


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