[builder_content post_id=”14176″]Keep in touch Exclusive 10% off your first order Delivery Free delivery on orders over £30 VAT Exemption Click to find out more Advice Helping you help yourself Request Brochure We’ll pop one in the post for you We all have times where we could do with a little help with every day tasks. Regardless of how young or old, limited range movement, poor balance, standing or sitting, the dressing range is quite simply, to make it easier and quicker to get up and go every morning.

“After my hip operation I have used the Soxon twice a day, everyday, for the last 12 years and after nearly 9,000 uses its still going strong! Thank you so much for making such a fantastic product!.”

David Collins, December 2019

“Without these implements I don’t know how I could dress, I  live alone and all of your tools are invaluable!”

Foxy Sock Aid
Peter Williams, May 2020

“I am very happy with my purchase, I use this for putting on my trousers,PJ Bottoms and boxer shorts. I struggle to bend down due to a recent hip replacement that has limited my movements

Trouser Assist
Mr Shimmin, February 2020

“The Soxon makes everyday living easier – because I don’t have to strain my knees or back putting on socks”

Soxon Sock Aid
Mrs Dixon, February 2020

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