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Just like a human hand, the Handi-Grip PRO grabber tool picks up every day objects around the bedroom just like your own finger and thumb.

Do you have limited mobility in your hands? The Handi-Grip features a 90 degree unique rotating head/claw, without taking the strain in the wrist. Simply pull out, twist and return action. You can now comfortably reach down the behind the bedside cabinet, open the wardrobe or draw the curtains.

For your peace of mind, all Helping Hand reachers have a lifetime guarantee.

Oops, have you lost or broken a stick clip? You can now buy a pack of 2 for only £1.25. Simply chose either the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option when adding the Handi-Grip PRO Reacher to your basket.

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Handi-Grip PRO Grabber Tool

Just like a human hand, the Handi-Grip Pro grabber tool picks up every day objects around the home just like your own finger and thumb.

Do you have limited mobility in your hands? The Handigrip features a 90 degree unique rotating head/claw, without taking the strain in the wrist. Simply pull out, twist and return action. You can now comfortably reach down the behind the sofa, open the cupboards or draw the curtains.

What else?
  • The soft lips flex – you can easily retrieve your debit card or teaspoon off the kitchen floor.
  • Rubber lined non-slip jaw has extra teeth. Guaranteed precision pick up – large or small items, any surface, every time. Try using yours with a blouse or a hairbrush.
  • With a wider opening jaw, you can pick up as much as you can hold – bottle, tin, jar.
  • This hand held grabber is easy to hold with a comfortable balanced grip, even with wet hands.
  • Do you have sciatica pain or worry about bending down? – you can attach your long reach grabber to your walking stick, walker or cane with a stick clip.

Our Handi-Grip range features two reacher models: The Handi-Grip Pro and Handi-Grip MAX  – Exceptional quality, with added functionality unlike other suction cup reachers.

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Which size Helping Hand reacher?

Sitting down to get dressed, reaching from a chair or standing up in the kitchen, the standard size (26″/65cm) will easily do all your jobs. If you are needing a little extra reach up to higher shelves and/or over 5’10, we would recommend the longer size (32″/82cm) Handi-Grip Pro. Therefore avoiding any unnecessary stretching or balancing acts.

Lifetime Guarantee

Did you know.. every Helping Hand Reacher comes with a lifetime guarantee? We will be happy to give your helping hand a freshen up if it stops working (as a result of general wear and tear and not misuse).A lifelong friend that our customers cherish for over 21 years, our multi-use pick up tool’s are well used. We will be happy to give your helping hand a freshen up if it stops working (as a result of general wear and tear and not misuse). To find out more information about our lifetime guarantee click here

To find out more, please give us a call 01531 635678

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70 reviews for Handi-Grip PRO Reacher Grabber

  1. Mrs. K. Shipley – Amazon Customer

    Ideal for those of us who can’t bend to reach a dropped item. Also to teach in Awkward cupboards for a n item.it has a comfortable handle grip and trigger useful for those with arthritic fingers .comes in two lengths also

  2. Carl – Amazon Customer

    I was hoping to get the same one I’d bought before, but this turned out to be much better. I can pick up tiny things that the old style ones had trouble gripping. Not as good at picking up paper cleanly though. With the older models you could use one side to keep something still, then pinch the curved head under it. To pick up paper with this you have to be prepared for potential crumpling, because things move as you try to grip it. Much stronger design, less likely to have the cord snap, and being able to angle the grips on the end is very handy. Definitely getting a few more.

  3. alexandra cottrell – Trustpilot

    very useful

  4. Susan Day

    Absolutely brilliant grabber, multi uses not just for hubby.

  5. Roo – Amazon Customer

    Excellent quality grabber helping hand company makes the best and most durable grabbers in my own opinion because this one replaced one I had for over 8 years . They can pick up small items easily and securely very good .

  6. JJ – Amazon Customer

    Have one already, and it’s so useful, saves my painful back. I needed another one for convenience, so I would recommend, they’re brilliant.

  7. Mervyn Eastbury – Trustpilot

    Purchased for elderly father who is very happy with, especially as it picks up small items easily. He knocked over a pot of pens which he easily picked up using his Handi-grip.

  8. Tricia Bridgeford – Trustpilot

    Proved so useful both indoors and outside. Will even pick up very small items. Good quality and value for money.

  9. admin

    I am 5ft 3ins and the Handi-Grip Pro is my first go-to for reaching tins, jars, glassware, and vases off high shelves. Also, use it with a damp cloth around skirting boards which I cannot reach. The grip is very strong and secure.

  10. R Straw

    I now have the ability to pick up items from floor easily

  11. Gary Gray

    I use the product for litter picking it is excellent especially because it is long. I did not realise that you had a litter picking version

  12. A Nicoll

    Great aid bought for my husband who’s waiting for a hip replacement

  13. Stewart

    Just saves a lot of effort & awkward bending

  14. Patricia Jones

    Arrived promptly. It is so helpful. I would recommend this product. This is my second one my first one is 11 years old bought in 2010 it is still going strong..

  15. Mrs Susan Tipton

    Does exactly what I wanted it to.

  16. Toni Adams – Amazon Customer

    Needed to replace my broken one. Being disabled and unable to pick things up or teach, these grabbers are perfect. Not as sturdy as my old one but ok. I can grab, pick up and get things of the shelf. Coming in a pack of 4 was great one in each room. Service and delivery was brilliant.

  17. Louise Burkill

    Excellent aid. Very versatile and easy to use.

  18. IrvJJKR – Amazon Customer

    Turned into an essential item following major abdominal surgery when it was impossible and not advisable to bend and pick up low items or things dropped on the floor.

  19. Jessica Felton

    great quality product and delivery was super quick

  20. Hilary Thornley

    Very useful

  21. Anna Gilbey

    Such a useful tool that I sent one to my brother.

  22. Tim Smallman

    This item makes it so much easier to reach for jars etc. in cupboards, especially when they are at the back.

  23. Mr Davies

    Great Product and keeps me Independent

  24. Cheryl Tearle

    Could not live without them, excellent products.

  25. David Trueman

    Superior product – very easy to us and easy to pick items up with

  26. Annie

    Excellent product. Cannot rate highly enough.

  27. Mrs R A Bendall

    Very strong product that I can use in my garden

  28. William Phillips

    10 out of 10 for this product. Can reach things easily – Tracey Excellent communications skills and professional manner

  29. Carole Gordon-Harper

    A wonderful asset to have around the home and garden

  30. Mary Kendrick

    The product is very easy to use and it helps me pick things up easily

  31. A Foster

    Means I do not have to call for help to pick things up that I have dropped

  32. Mrs G Jones

    Very good product as no longer need to use step ladder to access things or bend

  33. Mr Edwin Wareham

    Strong item which I can rely on

  34. Vilula Perera

    Good product – Fast Delivery

  35. J L Cotterrell

    They make life so much easier – Best service I have had in a long time

  36. B Taylor

    Makes things so much easier to pick up 10/10

  37. Valerie Dodsworth

    These are fantastic – I am going to put one in every room

  38. Valerie

    The Handi-Grip is marvellous, It even picks up peas that I have dropped without squashing them! Just brilliant, A Million thank yous#!

  39. P Lawton

    I live in my wheelchair and have 5 around my home, They are very useful, You have a excellent range of products

  40. Mrs McKie

    I can now pick up things below my knees and reach the back of low cupboards etc. It’s the Bees Knees!!

  41. Carlie Forse

    We’re in the U.S. My husband, who has been mobility challenged for about 15 years and who inherited one of your reachers. Your product is such high quality, so durable,

  42. MR Hagen

    I can pick things up easily, very well made and strong enough for the job

  43. P Blackford

    There is now no need to bend over with the risk of falling.

  44. Miss Beryl Bishop

    I am able to pick up fallen things – very good

  45. David

    I don’t have to climb on a stool to reach high shelves, I use my grabber now

  46. C A Sheeran

    Easy to pick up things from the ground or shelves higher up, Its like having another person around when living alone. I have 3 of these, 1 outside, I downstairs and 1 downstairs, these are fantastic

  47. Mary Jervis

    I can now reach things myself without asking anyone. I have one in every room and now I have brought one for my Brother!

  48. Mr Stock

    I have given this product a 10 as I feel much safer while using it.

  49. N Yellop

    This will help my neighbour, She is very grateful. Hopefully she will use this and not try to reach and fall over.

  50. Mrs V Jacques

    I have a left side weakness due to a stroke so the Handi-Grip has become my third hand.

  51. Tove

    I’m really very happy for your product- it’s an incredible helping hand in everyday tasks.
    Thank you for developing such a good aid!

  52. Alastair

    It is a great help as I drop things a lot. I suffer from spinal problems and I am 81, I find it hard to bend down to pick things up.

  53. Mrs Stock

    I have one of these in the bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom and library, They really are fantastic and help me all around the home without remembering when I placed it last!

  54. Mrs M W Larke

    I have one in every room! Saves me bending and helps my back. Thank you so much for my free gift it was just what I needed

  55. Paul Kennedy

    It clips on my walking frame so its always there. Great customer service and products.

  56. W Elsegood

    Helps with independence following a stroke

  57. Margaret Mills-Mackay

    My parcel arrived in time and I was delighted with my Handi-Grip as it was exactly what I wanted and hoped it would be. Mt 2 and half year old Grandson uses my Classic Pro Reacher , this just shows that they can be used by people of all ages.

  58. Annie Byrne

    I can now pick up things I drop very easily and without pain

  59. Captain M Russell

    I use your Reacher’s all the time, they are very strong and robust, you can even pick up a rice crispie with it! – they are the best in the business. Due to an accident I am unable to use my arm or leg so this helps me a great deal, I use the reacher to help close my windows.

  60. Mr Garfoot

    I use this grabber to help with my laundry, I can pick up the cup of liquid and put it in my machine with ease!

  61. cLIVE

    The Handi-Grip manages to grip my laundry items out of the washing machine and into the dryer easily. I have relied on these for 5 years and I cannot be independent without them

  62. Richard Greenhalgh

    Bought a reacher for my wife, very impressed with quality and robustness, can deal with low socks and high brambles equally effectively!

  63. Mr Whitley

    These grabbers are very sturdy and well made compared to the cheaper ones. I have arthritis so I struggle to move around and pick items up from the floor. These are fantastic!

  64. Mr Syddall

    I have 2 of these, I am lost without them! I am unable to bend down and pick up items from, the floor without it.

  65. Elizabeth

    Compared to other Reachers we have used the Handi-Grip is the strongest.

  66. Mrs A Evans

    My grabber broke a while ago, I have tried other cheaper ones but they are not as good as Helping grabbers! I should of just brought yours in the first place!

  67. Mrs June Robinson

    I need another Reacher for my kitchen – The Handi-Grip PRO is great for getting jars and bottles out of my kitchen cupboards. I am 80 years old and I still like to make my own stews and soups. Having this Reacher allows me to do this.

  68. Lynda Irvine

    Use the Reacher for picking up eggs, soft grabber that doesn’t break the eggs

  69. Mrs Heather Gold

    I would like to order 3, so I can have one in multiple rooms. They come in handy to get the grandchildren’s balls out of the hedge!

  70. Carina Cochrane

    I cannot live without my Handigrip, I use it daily to pick things up off the floor and to sort the washing. I have arthritis in my hip and cannot bend so this handy little tool saves me from so much pain. I highly recommend it to anyone with the same problem.

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