Kingfisher® Bath and Shower Board



“Very helpful for getting in and out of the bath as struggling to lift my leg too high due to pain”

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Designed to help people who are unable to get fully into a bath hand wash themselves independently. A simple way to adapt your bathroom, giving you the confidence to get in and out of the bath safely every time. Ideal if you are unable to stand for long, or want to sit and relax whilst showering.

The Kingfisher® is:

✔ A Bath Board – designed to help people who are unable to get fully into a bath hand wash themselves
✔ Width Adjustable – to fit internal bath width: 16″/40cm to 24″/60cm
✔ Narrow – measuring 27″/68cm x 11″/27cm it is ideal for bathrooms where space is at a premium
✔ Simple To Assemble And Fix – no tools required
✔ Strong And Comfortable – 200kg/31stone weight capacity

Do you need an additional safety handle? Simply chose either the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option when adding the Kingfisher® Bath Board to your basket.

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Kingfisher® Bath and Shower Board

Getting in and out of the bath can be quite a balancing act for any of us. Bath and Shower Boards are a simple and cost effective way to adapt your bathroom, giving you the confidence to get in and out of the bath safely every time. Being able to sit can greatly reduce your chance of slipping over; as a result, you will be able to enjoy bath time safely and easily again with our Kingfisher® Bath Shower Board.

The bath seat is for use on top of the bath for bathing in comfort. If you have an over bath shower, you can simply sit on it to take a shower, avoiding having to stand up for a long period.

What else do I need to know?

• Width adjustable to help accommodate most UK baths. This bath board will fit internal bath width 16″/40cm to 24″/60cm. A secure fit that won’t slip in use.
• Easy to assemble and fit. Our shower board can be easily positioned to sit securely across the top of your bath. Four independent feet fit tightly to the sides of your bath, ensuring safe bathing every time. No tools required. You will then be able to lift your legs over into the bath, instead of stepping in.
• Strong and comfortable. The Kingfisher white bath board is slip resistant and has an optional safety handle, giving added stability when transferring and while seated. The slatted board allows for quick water drainage. Weight limit of up to 200kg/31 stone.
• Suitable for anyone with stiff joints, mobility problems, living with long term disability, pregnant or unsteady on feet. This bath board is not suitable for users who are unable to sit without support.
• This bath board will not fit a corner bath.

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Product Specification

Dimensions: 6 x 26 x 68cm

Weight: 1.4g

Max User Weight: 200kg/31 stone

Material: Polypropylene, nylon

Hygiene: Washable with no abrasive cleaners. Can be autoclaved, store out of direct sunlight.

Warranty: 36 months

Disposal: Recyclable

Product Code: HA0680 | HA0686

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Key Safety Points:

This bath board is not suitable for a corner bath.
It is not recommended that it be fitted where there is an overlap or under hang of more than 25mm.
Ensure you do a visual check that the internal bath width does not exceed the safety guide mark on both ends of the board before continuing with use.

Kingfisher Bath Shower BoardEasy to install and maintain. Our Kingfisher® bath shower board can be easily positioned to sit securely across the top of your bath. You will then be able to sit and lift your legs over into the bath, instead of stepping in.

The bath board seat is for use by the elderly or less mobile. If you are no longer able to safely climb in/out of the bath, you have reduced mobility or reduced strength to safely transfer, and you have the ability to sit unsupported/unaided. Because of this the bath board is not suitable for users who are unable to sit without support.

You might find our leg lifter useful if you need additional help lifting your legs into the bath. If you would prefer your bath board with a handle, please choose ‘yes’ on the drop down menu above. You can also use it to transfer safely down into the bath, or in conjunction with a bath seat.

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What are the options for independent bathing with reduced mobility? This helpful article details the various types of bathing aids available so you are able to make an informed decision for your needs.

How to Use

Which Bath Board?

Which Bath Board Should I Choose? The Helping Hand Company Surefoot and Kingfisher Comparison Image



Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the Kingfisher Bath Shower Board. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, contact us on our live Jivo-Chat service or call us on 01531 635678 and we will be happy to help!

How do I fit the bath board?
Place the board over the top of the bath with the soap dish closest to the wall. Push down firmly so the suckers grip the bath rim. With one hand, slide one foot out to make firm contact with the side of the bath. With the other hand, tighten the adjuster knob underneath. Repeat with all four feet. It should be fixed firmly in place and ready to use. For more detailed instructions on how to assemble and fit the bath board, please click on the ‘How To Use’ tab above.

Does it come with a handle?
You can choose if you would like a handle on the drop down menu above.

Will this bath board fit a corner bath?
This bath board is not suitable for a corner bath.

How do I clean the bath board?
We recommend keeping the bath board clean in between uses using a non abrasive disinfectant suitable for plastic baths, not forgetting the feet.

How do I use the bath board to get into the bath?
Sit on the end of the board with your hand on either side. Lift each leg – one at a time – into the bath. Then slide across to the middle of the board.

How much weight does it hold?
The weight capacity is 200kg (31 stone).

You can find more FAQ’s about The Helping Hand Company delivery, VAT exemption, how to order and our web shop here.

48 reviews for Kingfisher® Bath and Shower Board

  1. jean powell


  2. barrie smith

    As. Advertised and delivered really quickly

  3. Gareth Rudolph

    Served its purpose well. No complaints

  4. Susan Turner

    Very happy with the product and as disscribed

  5. Tracey

    bought for Mum – she loves it

  6. Geoff

    Hope to be able to use bath board for a shower

  7. Julia

    Works well after non weight bearing op to get shower.

  8. Anja Millar

    Very sturdy & well made board. It was so easy & quickly fitted to my bath. The board is very securely in place once fitted as per instructions

  9. Tony Pengelly

    excellent product. worked well and the person involved found it easy to use.

  10. Mr A Ashton

    Made life easier, more managable

  11. ANGELA MUNROE – Amazon Customer

    Excellent product – easy to assemble and safe fitting and use

  12. Ian Gray – Amazon Customer

    Very good. Works well for someone with limited mobility.

  13. John Mcgarrity – Amazon Customer

    Very happy with bath / shower board, well made , Good quality and great service.

  14. Colin Parry – Amazon Customer

    Very good, easy to adjust and will serve the purpose well !

  15. B Clarke

    This has helped me so much after my knee replacement

  16. Christine gardiner – Amazon Customer

    it made me feel more secure while bathing

  17. Shropshire Lass – Amazon Customer

    Bought this so that I was able shower in the bath whilst I was in a cast after an accident in which I broke a leg.
    Although it’s plastic, it is sturdy and secure enough to take my weight at 95kg.
    The suction cups hold well enough to my plastic bath but are set to maximum width to fit my bath.
    The good points are:-
    Firm but flexible
    Sturdy when in place
    Place for soap
    Easy to clean
    Grooved for quick water run off
    Nice colour
    Doubles as ipad holder and beer tray (unofficially) when having a bath

    Not so good points:-
    Might struggle to fit baths wider than 820mm
    If you use shower gel, the soap dish is redundant.
    Don’t need it anymore as my leg is fixed, unless I plan to break the other one just so I can use it again..

  18. L MacDonald

    I wish I had got one years ago even before I had condition

  19. AJE17 – Amazon Customer

    Generally a good product. It allows my wife to shower until she can bend down again. But fixing it on safely , where the grab handles are, is rather difficult. Longer grip pads on the screw fixings might have helped.

  20. Lisa K. – Amazon Customer

    Easy to add suction security tabs, Solid and great with handle for security

  21. Ms C Brooks – Amazon Customer

    Everything did what it’s supposed to do and I’m in the process of ordering one for my parents

  22. Tivvy Lass – Amazon Customer

    Bought to enable me to have a bath/shower whilst I have a leg cast on. Easy to fit and remove – we have a shaped bath and it’s been fine to fit, by hubby who can be “diy challenged” but he’s had no problem. Strong and secure

  23. Ali Mac – Amazon Customer

    This is absolutely perfect! I broke my leg and ankle and could get into the bath or shower as unable to stand. So easy to set up and very sturdy. I am a big girl and I feel completely safe and secure using this. It’s a been a complete game changer for me. Totally recommend!!

  24. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for using after hip replacement operation – Completely confident for using when getting in and out of bath to use over bath shower.

  25. shelley herbert – Amazon Customer

    Life Changer – I am so happy with this and it’s big life changer for my mum as now able sit have shower and wash down as mum no longer can get in or out of bath, can’t stand up too long as get dizzy. So this bath seat is so perfect and keep mum safe. Definitely recommend this

  26. vivienne marie bailey – Amazon Customer

    My wife has difficulty getting out of the bath. This seat has solved this problem for her. So Glad we purchased this item.

  27. Caroline – Amazon Customer

    Very sturdy. I’ve broken my ankle and this product makes it so much easier for me to have a proper shower and feel safe. Just adjusted to fit securely on my bath. 👌👌

  28. tracey davey – Amazon Customer

    Really handy as I have a bad back and saves me having to bend in the shower. stays in place and easily movable for any other bathroom users.

  29. Stella Spilling – Amazon customer

    I have recently had a hip replacement operation and not having a shower meant that I have been having to wash at the sink. Our bath is very high and very deep so is impossible to use whilst recovering. A relative suggested a bath board and after much searching came across the Kingfisher board which had good reviews and seemed suitable.
    I am very impressed by it and am using it every day now to get into the bath. It is very sturdy, takes my weight easily at 11 stone, and fixes firmly into position. There is a handy handle at one side and a space for your soap to fit close to hand. As our bath is so high I have placed a stool near the side of the bath so that I can place my feet on there while I slide across the board over the water.
    I would recommend this item as for me its working perfectly.

  30. S Spilling

    Would recommend this product. I am now able to access my bath after my recent operation

  31. Andrew Wilson – Amazon Customer

    Used for elderly mother who struggled with standing up in shower

  32. A Lock

    Our shower is over the bath so the board makes it easier to shower in the bath

  33. eve3981 – Amazon Customer

    My mother struggles getting in & out of the bath. She did not like the electronic inflating device the council provided and it was to heavy to lift & clean. She is happy with this as a compromise

  34. Vanda Dowey – Amazon Customer

    I’ve been searching for a product to aid my mum aged 94 with bath times. This is just right. It is very securely fitted to the bath and my mum has the confidence to be left to wash herself freely without help. I can’t fault it at all 10/10

  35. LJB – Amazon Customer

    Used this post hip operation to help me to shower, sitting above the bath. It’s sturdy, handle helped me to get onto the board and gave me support when swinging my injured leg into the bath. Doesn’t take up too much room in the bathroom. Recommend.

  36. Adele – Amazon Customer

    I’m impressed with the bath seat I had a lovely shower for the first time in a long time. Instead of struggling to get washed as quickly as possible and get out without falling I languished under the shower for 20 mins and felt safe and secure.

  37. D Carol Stoke – Amazon Customer

    Absolutely brilliant! I have been wanting a shower stool or a seat for ages, and had not thought about a board until l saw my mum’s friend board in her bathroom. As soon as I got home, l saw this Amazon recommendation and ordered it. It arrived very quickly the day, was very easy to fit and I have had no problems with it. It may be light to lift but incredibly strong and stable to use, excellent suction power. I step into the bath, sit down and feel very comfortable and relaxed. I switch off and enjoy taking my showers. There are so many shower boards to choose from, so I am glad for the recommendation and would certainly say this is a great buy. Thank you Kingfisher!

  38. Dawn Ryan – Amazon Customer

    It was what I needed to help me after my hip replacement operation to be able to get in & out of bath for showers. Was very much value for money & will continue to be used. Arrived very quickly so was a happy woman 😀😀

  39. Amazon Customer

    I was recommended this by a fellow knee replacement warrior . We had a over the bath shower in our holiday cottage and it worked so well it meant I was able to have a shower

  40. Avery – Amazon Customer

    This bath seat has been a godsend. I’ve recently hurt my back and struggle getting in and out of the bath. This product has changed this, enabling me to have baths. I was a bit nervous to use it at first, was worried that it wouldn’t take my weight. It is very sturdy, I fully recommend it.

  41. NH

    The Bathboard was easy to install & it means i can shower independently & safely following a fractured shoulder.

  42. Jan Blaikie – Amazon Customer

    Bought this for after hip replacement and used it tonight. Just perfect (the OT at the hospital showed me how to use it. Very secure and means I can shower and wash my hair much sooner than I thought. Brilliant product

  43. Dr Poppet

    Ideal item to support independent bathing following fractured shoulder

  44. Jayne F – Amazon Customer

    Very sturdy once fitted. Following a hip replacement I was able to shower for the first time. Absolutely bliss. Reasonably priced. Definitely recommend.

  45. Lesley Parson

    I can now get into the bath for a shower after my stroke

  46. Amazon Customer

    First time in years i have had a shower with no pain in upper and lower back. Recently due to a knee ligament tear this had made things even worse.. I was looking at another unit but it only took up to 90kg but this one takes up to 200kg 31stone.. I needed one that took a little more than the 90kg.. i felt very safe on the seat, comfortable and it did not budge which is a good thing as i would need firemen to get me out!!!
    All in all very good for the price, the handle is a great bonus and it feels very safe…

  47. Booklover Catlady – Amazon Customer

    Fantastic bath board! Super impressed. It’s nice looking with the white and green handle. The handle is super strong and firm built into one end of the board. You can have it either way, handle on the bath side or the wall side. My family use it for iPad placement (in a waterproof case) and we’ve even had glasses of drink on it. Versatile!

    It can be used in many ways. If you have mobility issues to get in your bath you’d put the handle near the wall, sit on the end of it then gently swing your legs over the bath. You can then get out the same way. It is ideal if you need to sit to shower or bathe also.

    I also use it getting in and out of an actual bath (as in full water with bubbles). I face the handle on the edge of the bath then I’ve a strong metal grip handle on the wall so I can hold on to both to lower myself and get up again. I’ve had NHS ones before after hip surgery which were rather ugly and more heavy and harder to store. I’d recommend this 100% to anyone. Very pleased and it exceeded expectations at this low price.”

  48. M Fletcher-Shaw

    The bath board along with the bath seat enables me to still have a reasonable bath – thanks for the free long handled brush!

  49. Susan Grimwood

    Makes life easier after a hip replacement

  50. L Reynolds

    Gave me confidence in the bathroom after hip replacement

  51. A N Green

    Made using the bath much safer. The service I received was second to none.

  52. A Ward

    Makes showering possible

  53. Jane L

    It’s an amazing product! I can have a shower in in my bath now. It’s easy to set up and install. Very stable and looks good. I feel much safer than standing up because of arthritis in my knees. Don’t know how I managed without it.

  54. Christine Clarke

    Very sturdy and doesn’t slip. Feel safe using it. Highly recommended.

  55. Christine Ross

    means less bending!

  56. Customer

    My son says it makes showering easier. Great service sturdy handle on the sponge, good value for money

  57. Turner

    Easier to sit in bath now that my mobility is more difficult. Delivered earlier than expected thank you.

  58. Elaine Edgar

    Allows me to take my grabber with me (attached to crutches) wherever I go. Speed of delivery amazing! Less than 24hrs after online order.

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