[builder_content post_id=”14171″]Keep in touch Exclusive 10% off your first order Delivery Free delivery on orders over £30 VAT Exemption Click to find out more Advice Helping you help yourself Request Brochure We’ll pop one in the post for you The professionals choice, our reachers are prescribed by Occupational Therapists worldwide, to help make day-to-day living that little bit easier. Over the last 65 years we have made countless advances in reacher innovation from the original days of finely crafted wood which some of our customers have cherished for 3 decades or more. Whether helping to get dressed, picking up the newspaper, reaching into the cupboard or help with the grocery shopping ? help is at hand whenever you need it.

“I would not be able to cope without my helping hands I now have three! Not only for picking items up off the floor but getting my washing out of the machine and other essential tasks.”

Classic PRO
Jan Fuller, May 2019

“I have had a Helping Hand grabber for some time and find it indispensable. Now instead of carrying it from room to room (and often forgetting and leaving it behind!) I purchased two more Classic MAX Grabbers, one for reach room. They are excellent and the magnet on the tip has proved its worth too.”

Classic PRO MAX
Hazel Mair, September 2019

“I need another Reacher for my kitchen – the Handi-Grip PRO is great for getting jars and bottles out of kitchen cupboards. I am 80 years old and I still like to make my own stews and soups. Having this Reacher allows me to do this.”

Handi-Grip PRO
Mrs June Robinson, November 2019

“It’s a wonderful product, I’ve had mine years…
you wouldn’t believe the things I use it for…”

Handi-Grip MAX
Maggie Seargeant, October 2019

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