Soxon Sock & Stocking Aid – Best Seller


“Have purchased this product and used it over at least 10 years. It is hard wearing, robust… A value for money product.”

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Easy to use, the Soxon sock slider opens up the sock making it easy to slide even swollen feet in. Then, the sock can be pulled up your leg using the long tapes. The Soxon then comes away, leaving the sock in place. Simple and frustration free!

Perfect if you are struggling to reach, bend and stretch when getting dressed or undressed. Ideal for anyone recovering from hip or knee surgery, are pregnant, suffering from back pain or have limited movement.


✔ Gentle against fragile skin – especially if you have sores or ulcers
✔ Soft, hypoallergenic Bamboo fabric – wicks away excess moisture leaving your feet dry
✔ Easy to clean – pop into your washing machine at 40 degrees or simply hand wash
✔ Soxon tape length – 34″/85cm

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Soxon Sock Slider & Stocking Aid

We all have times where we could do with a little help with everyday tasks. Getting dressed each day trying to put on your socks can be one of these challenges. So if you are finding yourself, or a loved one in a daily battle to get dressed, or have given up entirely on wearing socks, a Soxon sock aid could be the solution to ending this everyday frustration.

Sock and stocking aids help anyone with back, hip or knee problems. Easy to use dressing aid for all types of everyday sock and stockings. Ideal daily living aid for those with limited flexibility. Makes putting on socks much easier. The Soxon sock slider opens up the sock making it easy to slide even swollen feet in. Then, the sock can be pulled up your leg using the long tapes. The Sock assist then comes away, leaving the sock in place. Simple and frustration free aid for putting on socks.

Perfect if you are struggling to reach, bend and stretch when getting dressed or undressed. Ideal for anyone recovering from hip or knee surgery, are pregnant, suffering from back pain or have limited movement.

If other dressing aids have just not worked then we know you will just love our bestselling hosiery assist aid- the Soxon!

What else do I need to know?

  • Gentle against thin or fragile skin – luxurious soft hypoallergenic material on the outside, a terry towelling inner, which absorbs excess moisture our feet can sometimes have.
  • Hand loops make it ideal for independent dressing.
  • Extra long reins, easy to use from a seated or lying down position. Thus reducing the need to bend at the hip or knee.
  • The pre-shaped sock putter onner supports the shape of the foot so it’s easy to glide your foot into, even swollen feet.
  • Suitable for all types of everyday casual socks, pop socks and panty hose but not compression or TED support stockings – you will need our NHS compression stocking aid.
  • Unsure how to use this gadget to put socks on? Don’t worry we have a step by step instructional video to help you in our ‘video’ tab section.

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Product Specification

Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 30cm

Tape Length: 34″/85cm

Weight: 120g

Material: Hypoallergenic Bamboo fabric

Hygiene: Hand wash or machine washable at 40 degrees

Warranty: 12 months

Disposal: Recyclable

Product Code: HA0980

How can I get my socks/stockings off?

NoClassic Pro reacher grabber handy dressing post. Help get dressed and undressed perfect for taking socks offw you’ve put your hosiery on hassle free, why not pair the Soxon with our long handled shoe horn or Classic PRO Reacher to remove them at the end of the day.

With the long shoe horn, simply push your sock down over the heel and off your foot. Or alternatively, use the handy dressing post on the grabber tool to hook your hose off.

Penelope’s surprise gift

We would like to share a lovely story with you.. Penelope rang in as she did not order a Sock aid, she did not know what it was for or who from – when she was given the name of Elizabeth who brought it for her, she told us this lovely story:

“Celebrating 60 years of marriage is an amazing milestone. So what does your bridesmaid buy you? At the tender age of 70, Elizabeth brought a truly inspiring gift to help her friend – a Soxon Stocking Aid – with a twist.

Living in harmony is the corner stone in any partnership – it can be those little every day habits that can make all the difference. With 60 years of marriage, there is little that you have not seen and shared together. At the same time, there is probably little that you need.

Content to enjoy the simple, comfortable and homely pleasures. But if your husband cannot get his socks on! Elizabeth’s thoughtful gift enabled frustration free dressing for Penelope’s husband, so he doesn’t need to keep asking her to help him each morning. ”

We hope this made you smile as much as it did us.

How to use

  • Slide your sock all the way to the top, leaving space for your foot to slide in
  • Holding on to the tapes, pop the Soxon on the floor.
  • Use one foot to hold in place and slowly wiggle your other foot in. Make sure you get your toes right to the end of your sock before you start to pull up.
  • No need to bend over as you pull the Soxon up your leg. A wrinkle free sock and cosy toes.
  • Click our ‘video’ tab to watch our instruction video

The Soxon Sock Aid can be used with both hands or one for independent dressing. Use with everyday socks or stockings.



Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the Soxon Sock Aid. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, contact us on our live Jivo-Chat service or call us on 01531 635678 and we will be happy to help!

Can I use this sock aid for support/compression socks/stockings?

No, the Soxon is designed to be used with everyday socks. Support/Compression socks/stockings would simply crush the frame making it very hard to pull the stockings on your foot. If you are looking for a product to help your apply compression wear please try our specifically designed Ezy-on Tall or Ezy-on Small compression frame.

What types of socks can I use with this sock applicator?

Ankle, casual, trainer, cotton socks, pop socks, nylon tights and stockings.

Does the Soxon help take socks off too?

Unfortunately not. We would recommend using our long handled shoe horn or a Classic Pro Reacher. These aids will help to push the socks or stockings down.

How long and wide are the fabric tapes?

34″/85cm long, 1″/2.5cm wide.

How can I wash the Soxon?

This sock aid is machine washable at 40 degrees using a mild detergent, keeping it clean in-between uses.

What is the Soxon fabric?

Luxuriously soft hypoallergenic bamboo fabric – with a low friction terry towelling inner so its gentle on your skin.

How much does the Soxon weigh?


You can find more FAQ’s about The Helping Hand Company, delivery, VAT exemption, how to order and our web shop here

143 reviews for Soxon Sock & Stocking Aid – Best Seller

  1. Dee

    Dear Helping Hands
    I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for a product I purchased from you a few years ago when I had both my hips replaced. The product is “Soxon” and I’m happy to tell you it served me well through 2 hip replacements and now I have had a spine operation I’m using it again! I’ve also loaned it to family and friends. Thank you for making such a simple but helpful item 👏😊
    Kind regards

  2. RJB

    So useful

  3. James Hawley

    Very good product works well

  4. Mrs Maureen Bootle

    Very helpful product, thank you

  5. David Sizer

    Brilliant works as described and easy to put socks on

  6. Mike Poore


  7. Bryan Gibbons

    Does what it is meant to do

  8. W Holdcroft

    Easy and comfortable to use and no help needed to put on socks Perfect thank you

  9. Kath Duguid

    I was unsuccessful getting socks on my feet the first couple of times I used it, but now its becoming more flexible and easier to use. It was definitely worth persevering with

  10. Mrs. Jennifer Hartley

    Absolutely love this. It has made my life so much easier. I can now dress myself without having any help.

  11. Frank McDonagh

    It is impossible to put on my socks without it

  12. Dennis Nutting

    Works well, some effort is needed to pull the tapes so hope will stand the time. Not sure if it is washable as fleece attracts cotton particles from socks.

  13. Mr Bibbings

    Marvelous tool, I have found it very helpful over the years

  14. K Williams

    I have been using a borrowed Soxon for some time – decided to buy my own! Thank you for product and prompt delivery

  15. Mrs Shirley Tims

    Now easy to put on socks

  16. Peter

    It works well and makes putting socks on much easier

  17. Helen Baldock

    just the job

  18. Denise Jones – Trustpilot

    this is so easy to use and comfortable too

  19. A Lyle

    I can get socks on when husband is not available

  20. Mrs B Tee

    I have sensitive thin skin and my current sock aid with satin lining iritates my skin

  21. Mrs Cooper

    I like the Soxon so much I have ordered them 3 times over the years

  22. Mr K J Dornfield

    I already have a Soxon, buying one as a gift for my brother

  23. C J Yelloly

    Replaced worn out similar Soxon purchased about 8 years ago

  24. Jennifer

    This was a replacement for my husband, an Invaluable aid enables independence. Can highly recommend.

  25. JGD – Amazon Customer

    Great product and easy to use. Simple to say but if like me your mobility in getting your socks on is an issue then give this a try. It works brilliantly for me.

  26. Dan Dare – Amazon Customer

    Last one only lasted 20yrs expect warranty expired. The item is superb dont by any other kind use it every day. You cannot buy better or improve on it

  27. Mrs. S. Hockborn – Amazon Customer

    Best thing since sliced bread! So easy to use with no discomfort whatsoever so socks on without any effort and done in seconds. Highly recommend.

  28. A. Jenkins – Amazon Customer

    I bought this Soxon to assist me putting my socks on following a total hip replacement operation. It is amazing an very easy to use once you get used to it. A great invention. Very pleased.

  29. R Smith

    I am now able to get socks on without any assistance

  30. B Legg

    I am preparing for hip replacement so practising using these items for after my surgery

  31. Patrick Lacey – Amazon Customer

    Due to leg pains it was very painful to bend down to put my socks on. The Soxon device is so easy to use and takes away the need to bend down so my problems with leg pains are considerably less. It would also be very useful for someone with waistline or backpain problems.

  32. Daveh – Amazon Customer

    Changed my life . Being disabled it’s made life a lot easier. The quality is very good. And the price even better. Thank you .Dave

  33. M Moss

    I am now able to put socks on by myself with this sock aid

  34. David Gethins – Trustpilot

    easy to use

  35. J Jones – Amazon Customer

    I like the ease of being able to slide my foot into one side of a pair of nylon tights. The long tapes are so useful in pulling the Soxon back away from my foot & leaving the tights in position. Thank you for the secure packaging & prompt delivery.

  36. Julia Larman

    It enables me to wear tights, without asking for assistance

  37. Dr D G Salter OBE

    I am in less pain & discomfort when using the Soxon

  38. Cassandra – Amazon Customer

    Had one of these for years. 1st purchased at onset of arthritic knee. Been with me through 2 operations for new knees and continues to be useful due to additional weight problems! It is comfortable to actually use, being fabric rather than plastic. The straps are brilliant as well. Now have a friend who is also going in for knee operation. He now has all the accessories that I found useful during recuperation. EXCEPT my Soxon! I purchased another one for my friend!!

  39. Mrs S Turner – Amazon Customer

    This product makes putting on socks etc very quick, easy & not a chore! Definitely very pleased with this purchase!

  40. Amazon Customer

    Brilliant product, ideal to getting socks on despite hip problems and unable to bend my knee. Now I don’t have to ask somebody else to put my socks on for me!

  41. Armchairgardener – Amazon Customer

    This is an ingenious gadget for putting a sock on without it being necessary to touch your foot. It does however take a lot of upper body strength to pull on even a size 9 foot’s sock. Its important to align the sock’s heal correctly on the gadget before tugging it over your foot.

  42. Rogan Josh – Amazon Customer

    This device is really useful, I have been struggling to put on my socks because of my sciatica, now the problem is solved, easy to use. I was a bit worried about snapping the straps off at first but it seems really robust. (I was a bit surprised when I first opened it to find there was only one…D’uh… I need something to aid my brain now!!!)

  43. A Link

    This product makes a lot of difference to my daily life!

  44. P M Hopkins

    This product gives me independence and saves me from asking for help

  45. John Hartley – Amazon Customer

    Saves all the bending putting on socks was recommended by physiotherapist

  46. anne lloyd – Amazon Customer

    I have osteoarthritis in my right hip , was getting so hard to put my socks and tights on . This is so easy to use , would highly recommend.

  47. Mrs M Watts

    Now that I can put my socks on with great ease my feet are warm again and I no longer need to struggle

  48. P. C. Cartledge – Amazon Customer

    I bought one in 2009 after a hip operation. It is wearing out now so I shall replace it. It can be difficult to use if your feet are damp, so some talc on your skin would help it slide over the skin. Have used it with all sorts of socks with little trouble. If you seriously lack strength in your hands or arms it may be more difficult.

  49. Stuart B- Amazon Customer

    I have tried several aids for putting socks on and this is by far the best. Provided you position the sock carefully on the aid the sock can be pulled on and then needs little or no adjustment. My only concern is that you have to pull quite hard on the straps so I wonder how durable it will be however it works so well I will live with replacement cost if necessary

  50. News voyager – Amazon Customer

    Couldn’t manage without it – immediate service, arrived properly (not over) packaged.

  51. Elaine S – Amazon Customer

    This has made such a difference to my morning routine. Easy to use and so comfortable, I have very bony feet and the normal plastic ones are painful to use, this is wonderfull. Would recommend to anyone that struggles with socks and wants to be able to do this themselves.

  52. C R Wart

    Have bought this product several times. No more bending to put my socks on

  53. Roger Martin

    10 out of 10 so easy to use and eases daily dressing

  54. Jill Hopkinson

    Great Product and service ….Thank you

  55. D J Ryder – Amazon Customer

    I’ve had a bad back for years and struggled to get down until now , brilliant invention

  56. John Bragg

    Great product and had the original one for 15years and only reordered as it was worn out.

  57. T Howe – Amazon Customer

    This item was bought for my mum to help put her socks on. Watched her use it the other day and she had no trouble. Great product!

  58. Doug Farnham

    Your Soxon is the best i have ever come across, So easy to use.

  59. J long

    This prodcut enables my to be indendent and I can out my own socks on

  60. Mrs Lynne Dunabie – Amazon Customer

    Having broken my hip this allows me to put my own socks on, feeling more independent. Great value

  61. V Coates

    I have a broken hip and this helps me put my socks on

  62. Amazon Customer

    Works brilliantly – good idea to have a little practice prior to the surgery! Gave hubby and I a lot of laughs. Good luck if you’re due surgery – you won’t look back – but definitely do the exercises pre and post op to aide recovery and mobility.

  63. D Hackett

    10 out of 10 for this product as I can now put my own socks on unaided

  64. Karen Westill

    Great product Which I purchased another 2 for my friends

  65. C Paulson

    This product helps me put my socks on myself and gives me indepence

  66. Mr K Whitmore

    Great product so I purchased another one for my friend

  67. Margaret Tomlinson

    Following my hip operation this was a brilliant purchase and the towelling cover is comfortable to use

  68. Paula Moores

    Excellent customer service and my husband is delighted with the product

  69. Mr M Stone

    So much easier for my wife to put socks on so no more struggling. It could possibly have longer handles to pull up as I have a bad back.

  70. Lynn Coles – Trust Pilot

    Great little gadget. The towelling material helps to keep the sock in place until you’ve got it on your foot ( unlike some of the plastic versions). The fabric is also very soft against the skin. I guess the Soxon could be washed if needed.

  71. B Segal

    I can now put my own socks on independently

  72. S.B Whiting

    All of your products are excellent. Really helped me after my new hip – Fantastic company to deal with, thank you so much

  73. B Crowhurst

    Cant manage with out it

  74. Marian Gilmore

    I am now able to put my socks on on my own

  75. Mrs Conway

    Had a recent hip operation and cant reach my feet. This product is a great help

  76. Miss T Hill

    I brought the Soxon and love it, I have diabetes and this is great for keeping my feet warm and comfortable.

  77. E LLOYD

    Using this sock aid stops my husband struggling to put his socks on

  78. Anyan

    My Husband is able to put his own socks on now

  79. J Kelly

    The pain I have putting my socks on has halved since purchasing this item!, Very slick, easy to use and clean.

  80. J Kelly

    The pain I have putting my socks on has halved since purchasing this item!, Very slick, easy to use and clean

  81. Mr Cooper

    This product is a lifeline – I cannot bend down to put on my socks and I have one in several rooms around the house.

  82. Jackie Rowland

    5 stars for the Soxon, Thank you for dispatching so quickly. My Mum in law finds the Soxon very helpful

  83. Mr Weston

    The Soxon is fantastic for putting on my compression socks – I take it to the diabetic clinic with me and everyone asks where they can get one – its marvellous!

  84. My J Jaines

    Since my hip I am not as flexible as before and the soxon has made life easier. Terrific range of products to make life easier in our declining years – keep up the good work!

  85. George Clark

    This is a quality product that is a big help! I have been doing a bit of shopping online with a company called WISH they are based in China. Comparing products from WISH with the quality of the Small Stocking Aid from The Helping Hand Company makes its Quality stand out even more!

  86. David Collins

    After my hip operation I have used the Soxon twice a day, every day, for the last 12 years and after nearly 9,000 uses it’s still going strong!

    Thank you for making such a fantastic product

  87. Charles Taylor

    Prior to my first hip replacement in 2016 I’d the usual home visit from the Ninewells Hospital Physiotherapist who assesses me for disability requirements post operation. She issued me with a standard issue device to help with pulling on of socks. In her presence I told her it was awkward and ineffective as opposed to the Helping Hand Company’s Soxon device. The lady agreed and I have to add that when I went for my 2nd and left hip replacement operation 10/2017 I found that your Soxon device was now standard issue in the Hip replacement wards 16 &17 of the Hospital. I even got issues with one in addition to the one I already had. I now have three such devices, on in the car with a spare dressing stick, one in daily use and one for the wash. I have to say that now, although a daily fair weather electric cyclist as part of my exercise regime I still rely on daily use of your products to assist me with my casual disabilities acquired as normal from hip replacement operations. I am indebted to you on a daily basis.

  88. Alex Wadkin

    The best on the market, the SOXON is simple and efficient and long lasting. A wonderful aid for putting your socks on and at a reasonable price. Just replaced 10 year old SOXON with same product as whilst still doing it`s job was looking a bit worn.


    My mate has one loves it!

  90. Clifford Boles

    Fantastic product which has made such a difference to helping me out so much.

  91. Jane Jarrard

    Very easy and comfortable to use, fast efficient delivery thank you.

  92. L Jackson – Amazon Customer

    I have never used a sock aid before so did not know what to expect. This one is brilliant. Unlike with the other ones on the market you can get the sock on the aid without over-stretching it. The material used prevents the sock from slipping off and thus you can get your toes right where they belong. It also means that your socks are pulled up to the ankle, which is not the case with another plastic sock aid I purchased and don’t use. And it’s washable!

  93. Mr. K. Vanstone – Amazon Customer

    I bought this for hubby who has arthritis & finding harder & harder bending to put his socks on so increasingly I was having to do it for him. When I bought this for him it gave him back his independence. He says it is really easy to use & I think the best value for money… Excellent product.

  94. N. A. Stokes – Amazon Customer

    Had a recent hip operation and struggled with basic tasks such as putting my socks on ! Purchased this product which was simple to use and very effective . Marvellous

  95. Liz – Amazon Customer

    Love this it’s so easy to use no more struggling to put socks on value for money this is my second one in ten years really great product

  96. C QUAITER – Trust Pilot

    A product that works. Hopefully I will not break this one

  97. Mr M Stone

    So much easier for my wife to put her socks on, no more struggling. The handles could possibly be longer to pull up as I have a bad back.

  98. Y Chew

    This product makes my life easier to put my socks on

  99. Mr T Warburton

    Due to a stroke putting my socks on was impossible this has made it easier

  100. Deborah Rees

    10 out of 10 I no longer have to put my husbands sock on

  101. Miss Toni Hill

    I use to struggle putting my tights on this has been really good – Product is worth every penny

  102. Black

    I can now quickly put my socks on after 2 hip replacements

  103. Mr Beckett

    I have had one for 14 years. I have just ordered another one just in case.

  104. Jack Kaye

    It’s a great assistance with day to day life!

  105. S L Taylor

    I have used this religiously every day since my operation in 2014. Its been wonderful, it’s a brilliant design and is very well made.

  106. Mr C Grant

    They are very helpful, I am buying one for my friend who is having a hip operation and this will help her massively

  107. Stuart Craig

    These products are easy to use, after my hip replacement these appliances have helped with basic dressing actions

  108. Tim o’Connor

    This product is a great help to me. I ordered on at 11am on 2nd November and received at 10.30am on the 3rd November. First Class Service.

  109. Iain Selkirk

    Gives me independence putting my socks on

  110. Mrs Hirst

    Has helped me gain independence

  111. Hudson

    I am able to put my socks on without another’s help

  112. Ken Pearce

    I have been a customer of your product Soxon for many years through different suppliers. And found it implacable I use it daily and being of a senior age (82)

  113. Mrs Ingleby

    I am more independent since I have been using the soxon stocking aid

  114. Mary

    This products makes my life much easier

  115. Christine Macdonald

    This item (Soxon) was a replacement of one I was given in hospital. I was so pleased with it I bought my friend one too.

  116. David

    The Soxon makes putting my compression stocking on so much easier. Also thank you Tracy, the girl who took my order for being so helpful!

  117. Mrs Dixon

    The Soxon makes everyday living easier – because I don’t have to strain mt knees and back.

  118. Mr Tapping

    I am now able to put my socks on with this product as I couldn’t before. All of your products are very handy and I would be lost without them

  119. Mr Dewey

    I wouldn’t be able to get my socks on without this. Its a fantastic product and I tell everyone about it.

  120. B J Dale

    Delighted with my purchase of Soxon, far better than anything I had seen in my local Disability Aids Store, so can`t compare prices, but excellent and prompt service.

  121. Grant Williams

    The Soxon is very easy and efficient at putting socks and hosiery on

  122. Grant Williams

    They’re absolutely marvellous, makes just living easy again!

  123. Mrs June Maddocks

    I am very happy I have finally found you, the Soxon is the only product I can use that helps me put my socks and stockings on, I have terrible Arthritis and I can’t bend over easily!

  124. Jean Brunsden

    I am just about to go for a Hip operation and my friend told me about the Soxon – he said it will really help when bending down to put my socks on!

  125. Peter Birch

    brilliant products and brilliant service.
    my last soxon lasted for 30 plus years

  126. Alex Wadkin

    The best on the market, the SOXON is simple and efficient and long lasting. A wonderful aid for putting your socks on and at a reasonable price. Just replaced 10 year old SOXON with same product as whilst still doing it`s job was looking a bit worn.

  127. Richard W

    It really works, i tell everybody how useful it is.

  128. Retail Customer

    Made life a lot easier, brilliant.

  129. Norman Farrell

    It provides peace of mind (I live alone)

  130. David Simmonds

    A great help getting sock on after hip replacement

  131. Peter Fawcett-Jones

    Saves a heap of trouble of putting ones socks on in the morning

  132. Alexander Hay

    I am not breathless trying to put on socks

  133. Amazon Customer

    I was given one of these by the hospital after my first hip replacement way back in 2010 but it finally gave up the ghost! I wondered if Amazon sold them and was delighted when I found they do. Very handy, if you can’t bend very well, to help you put socks and tights on.

  134. Amazon Customer

    Having hip arthritis I could not put socks on, went weeks with no socks. Then I was recommended this Soxon product. It is an absolutely brilliant aid, I couldn’t do without it now, an absolute game changer. If you suffer the same, get one as soon as you can, you won’t regret it.

  135. Gail Collingburn – Trustpilot

    Husband finds it invaluable. He has two artificial hips and bending is difficult.

  136. Gail Collingburn – Trustpilot

    Husband finds it invaluable. He has two artificial hips and bending is difficult.

  137. Ian Green

    This has enabled me to put on socks without help after hip replacement. Great to speak to helpful person on phone without delay – very different

  138. G Johnston

    Very pleased with my purchase. It has already fished a paintbrush out of the gutter

  139. G C

    I have had one of ‘sock puter on’ as I call it for as long as I can remember and I have tried other makes which were not a patch on this one

    Without it I would not be wearing socks

  140. S Goustas

    Should be minus 5. I could not use this – I followed the instructions & watched the video but the soxon would not move when being pulled with the straps & the sock stayed insitu. I tried to do it a number of times & have given up. A waste of money.

  141. Pete Young

    very useful

  142. S Goustas

    Should be minus 5. I could not use this – I followed the instructions & watched the video but the soxon would not move when being pulled with the straps & the sock stayed insitu. I tried to do it a number of times & have given up. A waste of money.

  143. Pete Young

    very useful

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