Standing Chair

The Standing chair is the first of its kind riser recliner with a natural standing action. Whereas some recliner chairs may feel like you are tipping out, unable to stop.

Supporting your long term mobility, the Standing chair will enable you to both keep active – and relax. Therefore giving you an assisted stand to get up safely and confidently. Giving you a little extra help when you need it most. And, when you want to rest and relax, you will be able to sit comfortably right back into the chair – all at the touch of a button. Not forgetting tilt in space, recline and leg raise. All of which work independently to give you the perfect position every time.

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Standard Standing Chair Features:

  • Integral seated postural support
  • Day long comfort with built in pressure management
  • Secure and supported upright or reclining with tilt in space functionality
  • Simple function operation – enabling even those with limited cognitive skills such as Dementia or Parkinsons
  • Leg and back support are independently adjustable. Built in auto reset function reconfigures to optimum standing or sitting position without need to use handset.
  • Back up power pack for guaranteed
  • peace of mind. During a power failure, the chair will continue to operate up to 10 times and will emit an audible alarm when the battery gets low.

Dual controls:

  • Simple sit to stand operation, with built in auto reset, can be fitted either side
  • Separate handset for finer adjustments

Chair Colours Available

SilverAlmondPebbleWasabiPaprikaCuero BrownCuero Black






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