Surefoot® Bath and Shower Board


“Fantastic, wonderful, safe and secure…very solid and doesn’t move a millimetre when correctly fitted”

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Designed to help people who are unable to get fully into a bath hand wash themselves independently. Our shower boards are for use on top of the bath for bathing in comfort. If you have an over bath shower you can simply sit on it to take a shower, avoiding having to stand up for a long period. A simple way to adapt your bathroom, giving you the confidence to get in and out of the bath safely every time. Ideal if you are unable to stand for long, or want to sit and relax whilst showering.

The Surefoot® is:

✔ A Shower Board – designed to work underneath an overhead shower and disperse the extra water that falls on it, whilst you bathe freely
✔ Width Adjustable – to fit internal bath width: 16″/40cm to 25″/63cm
✔ Extra Wide – measuring 27″/68cm x 13″/33cm it is ideal for a larger user, or those who like a little more space when bathing
✔ Quick And Easy To Fit – The unique sucker fitting is simple to attach
✔ Strong And Comfortable – 200kg/31stone weight limit

Do you need an additional safety handle? Simply chose either the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option when adding the Surefoot® Bath Board to your basket.

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Surefoot® Bath and Shower Board

Getting in and out of the bath can be quite a balancing act for any of us. However, by choosing a bath/shower board, you will gain the confidence to sit over your bath to wash, or get down into the bath to stretch out and soak. Being able to sit can greatly reduce your chance of slipping over; as a result, you will be able to enjoy bathing safely and easily again with our Surefoot® bath shower board.

This hygienic bath board is easily adjusted to fit the majority of baths safely. The bath aid is for use on top of the bath for bathing in comfort. If you have an over bath shower, you can simply sit on it to take a shower, avoiding having to stand up for a long period.

Width adjustable like the Kingfisher®, the extra wide Surefoot® gives you more space when having a relaxing wash.

What else do I need to know?

• Width adjustable to help accommodate most UK baths. This bath board will fit internal bath width 16″/40cm to 25″/63cm. A secure fit that won’t slip in use.
• Easy to assemble and fit. Our shower board can be easily positioned to sit securely across the top of your bath. Locking brackets ensure safe bathing every time. No tools required. You will then be able to lift your legs over into the bath, instead of stepping in.
• Strong and comfortable. The Surefoot white bath board is slip resistant and has an optional safety handle, giving added stability when transferring and while seated. The slatted board allows for quick water drainage. Weight limit of up to 200kg/31 stone.
• Suitable for anyone with stiff joints, mobility problems, living with long term disability, pregnant or unsteady on feet. This bath board is not suitable for users who are unable to sit without support.
• This bath board will not fit a corner bath.

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Product Specification

Dimensions: 33 x 34 x 69cm

Weight: 1.5kg

Max User Weight: 200kg/31 stone

Material: Polypropylene, nylon

Hygiene: Washable with no abrasive cleaners. Can be autoclaved, store out of direct sunlight.

Warranty: 36 months

Disposal: Recyclable

Product Code: HA0690 | HA0692

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Key Safety Points:

This bath board is not suitable for a corner bath.
It is not recommended that it be fitted where there is an overlap or under hang of more than 25mm.
Ensure you do a visual check that the internal bath width does not exceed the safety guide mark on both ends of the board before continuing with use.

Easy to install and maintain. Our Surefoot® bath shower board is simple to assemble and fix in 4 steps – no tools required. The optional safety handle gives extra stability when changing position. Reassuringly by your side every time you wash. The bath board seat is for use by the elderly or less mobile. If you are no longer able to safely climb in/out of the bath, you have reduced mobility or reduced strength to safely transfer, and you have the ability to sit unsupported/unaided. Because of this the bath board is not suitable for users who are unable to sit without support.

You can use the bath board it to transfer safely down into the bath, or in conjunction with a bath seat. You might find our leg lifter useful if you need additional help lifting your legs into the bath. Used together with our bathing accessories, you will be able to enjoy independent bathing again.

If you would prefer your bath board with a handle, please choose ‘yes’ on the drop down menu above. Alternatively we offer multi functional grab rails. Click here to view our complete range of bathroom aids and bathroom equipment.

What are the options for independent bathing with reduced mobility? This helpful article details the various types of bathing aids available so you are able to make an informed decision for your needs.

How to use

Which Bath Board?

Which Bath Board Should I Choose? The Helping Hand Company Surefoot and Kingfisher Comparison Image



Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the Surefoot Bath Shower Board. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, contact us on our live Jivo-Chat service or call us on 01531 635678 and we will be happy to help!

How do I fit the bath board?

Place the board over the top of the bath with the soap dish closest to the wall. Push down firmly so the suckers grip the bath rim. Release the top lever of one foot. With your other hand – from underneath – slide foot over to make contact with side of the bath. Ensuring each sucker foot is firm against the bath wall, lock in place by pulling down the aqua coloured lever underneath, then lock the top lever. Repeat with the other foot. It should be fixed firmly in place and ready to use. For more detailed instructions on how to assemble and fit the bath board, please click on the ‘How To Use’ tab above.

Does it come with a handle?

You can choose if you would like a handle on the drop down menu above.

Will this bath board fit a corner bath?

This bath board is not suitable for a corner bath.

How do I clean the bath board?

We recommend keeping the bath board clean in between uses using a non abrasive disinfectant suitable for plastic baths, not forgetting the feet.

How do I use the bath board to get into the bath?

Sit on the end of the board with your hand on either side. Lift each leg – one at a time – into the bath. Then slide across to the middle of the board.

How much weight does it hold?

The weight capacity is 200kg (31 stone).

You can find more FAQ’s about The Helping Hand Company delivery, VAT exemption, how to order and our web shop here.

26 reviews for Surefoot® Bath and Shower Board

  1. Michael McClenahan

    Fixes in place well. Feels sturdy and the handle is really useful


    The best of 3. This is the best bath board we have bought in the last six months.

  3. FPL Member

    Fantastic, wonderful, safe and secure way, thought it might feel flimsy but very solid and doesn’t move a millimetre when correctly fitted

  4. Amazon Customer

    Really sturdy and easy to use after hip operation

  5. Myra Worthington

    I had a bath board previously, a leg had broken, I was pleased to be able to buy one from you. Excellent service.This product arrived very quickly, service is excellent, Thankyou

  6. Reka Bidwell – Trustpilot

    Excellent, fits securely across the bath, and I feel secure on it. Very good sturdy product.

  7. vixart45

    I don’t know how I’ve coped without this!

    I’m a big girl, so its ideal if you’re large as the seat is that much wider for larger bottoms. I have epilepsy and fibromyalgia which makes mobility difficult. My bath is also weird shape inside but this is perfect. I will be using it more for sitting whilst showering as I feel very unstable standing in, getting in and getting out of the bath. Its secure and sturdy but incredibly lightweight. Its easy to set up, to clean and to remove and dismantle.

  8. Pauline Neal

    Very Good product and I can bathe independantly

  9. Mr Tye

    Brilliant product and I can now enjoy a bath

  10. KJ J – Amazon Customer

    Video helped but this product is excellent and transportable, adaptable for holiday situations too.

  11. Clifford Haynes – Amazon Customer

    I needed this after my replacement knee operation. Fits fine and allows me to use the shower over the bath

  12. Cat K – Amazon Customer

    A must after surgery – This product is a must after surgery very sturdy which gave me back the confidence to be independent . It fitted well on to the bath and had good suction pads

  13. Janet Wakefield

    This product makes it easier to bathe and more comfortable to get out of the bath

  14. Clan McKormack – Amazon Customer

    Bought for my Mum following her stroke, and it does the job beautifully. Sturdy, and stays put.

  15. Essbee – Amazon Customer

    I bought this as I was travelling and knew where I was staying only had a shower over a standard bath. I have a shower seat at home but decided it would be too wide for a standard bath.
    I looked long and hard at all the bath boards that were available and chose this one as it was adjustable and the description suggested it would be very sturdy. I was not disappointed.
    It arrived in a box with the legs unattached – this made finding space inside a loaded car much easier. The legs are simple to fit as they can only go on one way. The seat then sits on the bath and the legs adjusted until they fir snugly against the side of the bath. The suction pads go in place by flicking the lever on each leg. all that is left to do is flip down the two width adjusting levers (they are opened to give access to the legs from the top of the board). The board was rock solid and very comfortable. I left the board in place for the length of my stay then simply dismantled it and put it back in the plastic bag to transport home. I can see me using this whenever I travel.

  16. Dona Filu – Amazon Customer

    Exceptionally light and sturdy and perfect suction. I’m over 100kg and felt safe sitting on it. Value for money and comfortable. Strongly recommend for temporary solution whilst I’m waiting for my walking shower to be fitted.

  17. S Flanagan

    I can now shower each day as it makes it so much easier

  18. JulieB – Amazon Customer

    Being a larger person I was concerned about how secure a board across the bath would be despite the very high weight limit given.
    This board seat has a double fixing system – the ‘legs’ are pushed to the sides of the bath and levers pushed down to apply the suction to the bath then levers on the top of the seat are lowered to ‘lock’ everything in place.
    Arthritis pain makes using the shower over the bath difficult but this seat allows me to rest during showering & before getting out. It’s quick and easy to install so can simply be put in place for those who need it. The handle on one side provides an extra feeling of security.

  19. Julie Skelton – Amazon Customer

    This is perfect for families who wish to remove the seat regularly. It’s so easy to put in and remove. Feels really secure. I’m really pleased and would recommend.

  20. J – Amazon Customer

    Comes with easy to follow instructions. Easy to fit to the bath. Got this for my Mum to give her confidence using an over the bath shower, to help her get in and out of bath

  21. John

    This is probably the best designed and executed bit of plastic I have ever seen. Bought for my wife, I wanted something that was rock solid. When this is probably installed it is unmovable until you release it. Fitting and removing takes seconds, absolutely superb.

  22. Madeleine Heap – Amazon customer

    I spent ages looking for the right piece of equipment that would give me the confidence I needed to help me use my ‘over the bath’ shower.

    My fairly recent onset of loss of mobility and the added issue of my weight made the search quite difficult as I had particular needs to enable me to use an aid safely.

    This ticks all my boxes. Once fixed in position, it allows me to sit on the edge and using a leg lift, I can swivel my legs into the bath and sit very securely on the seat.

    The height is great and the adjustable suction pads mean that it can be positioned in precisely the right spot even though my bath is ‘P’ shaped and I have full confidence in its stability. Also the integrated handle against the wall is an essential addition.

    For the price, this is an excellent product and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

  23. Mr Porter

    This allows me to shower safe and independently

  24. Jooles

    You need to check the suction pads are fixed before you use it each time, but they do hold really well once fixed. This has been an absolute marvel. I have ME & have been unable to shower on too many occasions, but because of this amazing, easy to fit board I have been able to have regular showers again 🙌🏼
    Thank you Helping Hand Company.

  25. L Jennings

    Made showering safer and easier

  26. Rebecca V.

    I’ve been struggling due to idiopathic intercranial hypertension causing bad spells of dizziness on standing. This bath board made it possible for me to enjoy a shower again. It’s sturdy, it bares weight, it has the handle support. It enabled me to sit under the shower again when before I had been sitting on the side of the bath really struggling. My son had no trouble installing it with the easy suction caps. It was even delivered 4 days ahead of schedule. Thank you .

  27. FPL Member – Trustpilot

    Fantastic, wonderful, safe and secure way, thought it might feel flimsy but very solid and doesn’t move a millimetre when correctly fitted

  28. FPL Member – Trustpilot

    Fantastic, wonderful, safe and secure way, thought it might feel flimsy but very solid and doesn’t move a millimetre when correctly fitted

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