Toilet Frame – Height Adjustable With Seat


Toilet frames with a seat are designed to make it easier for your or a loved one to get up and down from the toilet. Thus giving you extra support and reassurance in using the toilet, without the worry of dropping down and being unable to get back up. The seat helps to raise the height of the toilet, so you do not have to lower yourself down too far.

  • Use the armrests when sitting on or getting up from the toilet.
  • Height adjustable to suit the different rooms around the home.
  • Allow you to gently lower yourself, not ‘dropping’ with arms to hold on to.
  • They are also easy to move out the way when not needed.
  • Maximum user weight 190kg (30 stone).

There is an additional shipping surcharge of £4.99 for this item.

Please note: stock for this product is very limited. Please contact the office on 01531 635 678 for a delivery date.

Toilet Frame – Height Adjustable With Seat

Putting a frame around your toilet needs no installation, and can make a big impact to personal dignity. Giving the confidence of something to hold onto when sitting onto or getting off the toilet. Height adjustable and a compact design allowing everyone to use the bathroom. Sturdy rubber feet avoid any slipping, even on a tiled floor. With an integral seat, a toilet frame is a simple independent support assist when using the smallest room in the home. The plastic moulded seat offers support in a natural position.

How to Use


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1 review for Toilet Frame – Height Adjustable With Seat

  1. Dr. B. A. Juby

    This is a sturdily-framed toilet seat that simply fits over your existing toilet. It raises the height of the seat and provides secure arm rests.Delivered in a large cardboard box with loads of protective wrapping.
    The legs have non-slip bases and it is easy to adjust the height to clear the level of the existing seat.
    Easy to remove for “normal” use and the seat has a generous amount of toilet depth to avoid missing!
    The frame came ready assembled and the seat just clips easily into place.
    Excellent value for money. We bought two!

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