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Top 23 ways to use your reacher/grabber around the home

1 Grab where I can’t reach from my wheelchair

2 The magnet is ideal to pick up my hearing aid battery

3 Stick clip is brilliant, I can clip my hand torch to it to shine a light on what I want to pick up

4 Easy to reach the remote control when I am sitting down

5 The soft jaw on the Handigrip means I can even pick up coins off the floor

6 Much easier for me now to open and close my curtains

7 Open kitchen cupboard to get food

8 Reach into the medicine cupboard to get my pills

9 I’d just sat down but left my reading glassed on the coffee table, managed with my reacher!

10 Use it every day to pick up and put down my cats food bowl

11 Managed to catch a spider

12 Picking up the grandchildren’s toys

13 Pulling up my socks that keep sliding down

14 Grab my trousers off the chair to get dressed

15 Pick up my other reacher

16 Reach behind the sofa to get loose change

17 Hold cloth to wipe the top of the cooker hood

18 Pick up my drink whilst feeding the baby

19 Open and close the window

20 Reach my coat & dog lead off the hook

21 Load/empty the washing machine

22 Hold sponge to clean top of windows

23 Pick up post off the mat