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Out and About - Leg Lifters, Travel Kits, car Kits and Leg Lifters from The Helping Hand Company

Travel with your Daily Living Aids. Getting out and about – for a walk, going shopping or staying with family. Arthritis in the knees and hips can make getting in and out of the car tricky. Car journeys to do the shopping or going to visit family and friends can soon become a chore and can dramatically reduce your independence. We’ve put together a range of simple outside daily living aids that can be used easily. They fit neatly into your shopping bag or suitcase too. Maintain your independence and dignity with every day living where ever you go.

Our Folding Reachers come in a choice of lengths, and fold away into your back pack, shopping bag or suitcase. No need to stretch up high, bend down to the ground or struggle to all those other impossible to reach places!

Hip Kits and Care Packs have all the essentials you need, giving you comfort and support with every day tasks to maintain your independence. Perfect for travel or as a gift for the person who has everything.

Not just for dressing, our Leg Lifters can help lift and move stiff or heavy legs in and out of the car, or a wheelchair. A simple aid to maintain your mobility getting out and about. Available singularly or as part of our Car Kit.

Heading off on your travels? Out and about, wherever you go, lets ensure peace of mind that you can still manage those daily tasks without having to ask for help. Don’t want to carry too much or restricted luggage size – we’ve got it covered! Our flight friendly Travel Kit will fit into a back pack, shopper or cabin case.


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